Thursday, September 19, 2013

Anyone need a Taxi?

All I can say is that I have been feeling like my children's personal taxi driver. Yesterday I drove, my youngest to school, my daughter to work, I also picked her up from work (at 11pm by the way), my oldest home from our house, and I have already driven my daughter (7am) back to work this morning. I will be working myself today so I cannot pick her up, but expect that I will be driving my youngest into school this morning as well. Isn't there a bummer sticker that reads Mom's Taxi? I need it.

It was a low key day otherwise. I spent most of the afternoon, cleaning and preparing to put away the summer lawn furniture, the pool supplies and inflatables. I took down the curtains from the awning, and packed it up all nice for next spring. I feel like I just got everything put out for the summer. Where does the time go?
It's hard to believe that I left my job over 5 months ago. Didn't we just get the pool opened like yesterday? Really. Summer has come to an end. I refuse to entertain the thoughts of "what's next".
After things settled down here on the home front my son and I watched the movie "Epic" it was cute
 and enjoyable.

 I had to force myself to stay awake until 11pm to get my darling daughter. (Should I start charging?)

Today, I have that training that I thought I was going to miss due to several changes in the schedule. It is a course on Mandated Reporters. (I have already taken it, but I need those FREE hours). Directly after the training I will be covering some hours at Inpatient. What can I say? I need the money, I bought three bottles of hard cider on Tuesday. Anyways, it looks like it will be a busy day and then off to bed. Friday looks pretty empty of plans as well. It is a Ben weekend so I am sure we will find something fun for Sat. I anticipate that most of Saturday will be spent closing the pool, but I will be sure to MAKE some time to TRIP TRAVEL somewhere. Sunday is our girls wine tour...I can't wait.