Thursday, September 12, 2013

Quarterly meeting, library stop and a little B-ville history.

Yesterday I had my Vera House quarterly meeting. It's really an opportunity for The Volunteers to come together and discuss any concerns, get updates, and for Dottie and Karen to check in with all of us. They also provide some sort of training (if available). This particular meeting, we were presented with a new program granted into the Onondaga Court Systems. Basically it is FREE court assistance by attorneys to assist with filing, petitioning, and  questions regarding Family Court issues such as custody and child support etc. Currently Vera House has volunteers assigned at the Court House to assist with the filing of restraining orders etc. so this will be a nice tie in for several of the population we serve. Dotti always provides a nice lunch for us, so we all win.

On my way home I stopped at the Liverpool Library and returned the civil service prep exam book, and headed to the travel section. I took out four books on travel that caught my eye. One was called Wonderlust and Lipstick. It's a simple read on how to travel being a women alone. The principals in the book are fairly simple and practical. I have not read the entire book as of yet, but most of the information is a no brainer. It's not what I am really looking to do. I enjoy traveling with my family, and have no interest in taking some spiritual awakening trip to the Andes' plus the idea of heading off to China alone would be more terrifying for me then enjoyable. I could easily see myself camping somewhere in the USA solo, but taking a three month vacation to backpack across Europe is not on my personal bucket list of things to do. Foreign travel, although exciting is currently on the bottom of "my wants to go". Let me conquer the USA first.
I also picked up a travel book on The Fingerlake's. Next weekend I am pulling together a Women's Wine Tour along Seneca Lake. I thought the book (although it was written in 2004) and I have already noted a few changes in some of the wineries, would be helpful on places to stop along the road. Last book I got was on the Erie Canal. Maybe I can get some facts about these canal stops I have been at, and actually learn something.

Once home I had to take my daughter to work. We left early to miss the afternoon school buses that caught us up last week, and I still had plenty of time to stop at the Baldwinsville Museum that was closed a few weeks ago when I went.  The museum/gift shop is housed in an old 1 room school house. It is very cute. The museum itself has very little to display, not that I was expecting much. All artifacts are housed in that one room (one room School house) with a small gift store in the front. I think the women behind the store shelves was a little surprised that anyone would be interested in what was beyond the tiny shop walls. She apologized about the mess, as they just hosted their annual book sale fund raiser and there were several boxes of books stacked around the museum. No problems. I spanned the space, took notice of the period clothing that may not actually be authentic period clothing as it was displayed as part of the production Hello Dolly. 

There were several displays of local stage shows including articles on The once standing Opera House (It had burned down several years ago) that eventually turned into a silent movie house. There was also some articles on the history of the town including some of the prominent people of the time. I was told that B-Ville was once a village of manufacturing tobacco, and they also produced Dairy items.
There really was not much more to see. The whole visit took about 10 minutes. I was told to come back in late October when the museum does it's Christmas Display. I haven't decided if I will or not.
As I was leaving. I was stopped by a older gentleman who asked about my visit to the museum. He wanted to know if I was from out of town. I gave him my short unexciting story of dropping my daughter off at work and deciding to stop as I had seen the sign so many times on my drive. This seemed to open a door to discussion as he continued and continued and continued to talk. No big deal, but yesterdays heat was so unkind I was sweating just standing there, and he was really talking about NOTHING of interest. It would have been a nice discussion if he had been talking about the village of B-ville or some other topic, but instead he rambled on about kids tattoo's, piercings, and how he was told as a child not to stare. The staring part was that he finds himself staring at these young peoples piercing and tattoo's, like they are some kind of deformity. The conversation did not stop there, and I learned all about his work history and that he is still a licensed RN, although "they" will not let him work anymore it's a liability. I now know that this man is an avid reader, likes history and is fascinated with the Native American Culture. (I will spare you the specifics).
I spent more time talking with this man, (I never did get a name he never gave it, and I never was given the chance to ask) then I did in the museum. I was so relieved when on the third time he said, well I guess I should let you go and actually stopped talking afterwards. I quickly got into my car. I was so HOT, air was much needed.
So that was my trip adventure for yesterday. A little different then the norm. Today I plan to clean house and get things done, I work this evening to cover an outpatient group and will be working at Detox tomorrow. I anticipate the weekend will be a whirlwind of activities filled to the rim with things going on.  Who says you have to take a trip in an RV when your own backyard provides an abundance of trip opportunities.