Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rain, Rain and more RAIN!

I puttered around the house all Monday morning wishing that my family would get motivated to move. My plan was to get out and go somewhere it was the last day of summer vacation, although Mark keeps reminding me that summer does not officially end until the 21st, but for MOST people Labor Day represents back to school, back to the grind and I wanted to get the best of it! I made a few trips to the store, got my car gassed up, and scored a few deals at the local craft shop. Came home and made a big brunch and still no one was ready to get out and go. What is wrong with you people? It became a good thing because soon it was down pouring from Liverpool to every where else.
This is a view from the back yard. It had stormed the night before and trees had been knocked down as well as several leaves and debris blown everywhere. The rain kept coming, and soon we had some hail coming down too.

This is on my deck, (excuse the torn up rug that our puppy has destroyed). Hail has fallen.
Here is one of the water rushing in through the air holes in my gazebo. (which I tore trying to move the screen door from as it had fallen off from the storm the previous night)
It kept raining for hours and still coming down pretty hard.
Then we had a river in our backyard running from the side of the house!
I'm not sure if you can see it, I took it from inside as it was coming down to hard to step out and get without chancing my camera getting ruined. See where the purple ball is and all along the fence line, that's a RIVER, that was once yard as seen in the first picture! to the left you can see how FULL my pool got during this rain. It is right up to the tippy tippy top.  
GLAD we didn't venture out to some Park! We would have been soaked.
SO....I spent the entire day watching A Castle Marathon, and SCRAPIN!
  I made a MAJOR dent in the layouts department. I think I did in total, 15 double paged layouts! That's gotta be some kind of SCRAPIN record. I did cheat some, (Castle wont tell) I had several pre-made layouts that I simply cut pictures and pasted. I did got through FOUR rolls of Adhesive, and I journaled. (I am notorious for leaving out the journal parts). So despite my frustration with the lack of trip taking yesterday, I relived several previous trips through my scrapin.
The rest of the week will prove to be quite busy I am sure. I am going to make my way to the Post office and the library (to study for my Civil Service Exam to be held Saturday morning).
As I was going through my scrappin stuff I came across a Halloween Layout with photo's from 2001. My hubby and my 2nd date!!! He should have RUN when he had the chance.
BOO! One thing I enjoy about the summer ending is that FALL is my favorite time of year and I LOVE Halloween. So at least we have something to look forward to. TTFN