Monday, September 16, 2013

September 2013: Folksmarch at Green Lakes

On Sunday, Nick and I took the dogs to Green Lakes State Park in Dewitt, NY. It was also the host location for the September Folksmarch so I was able to check in and score myself another pin and stamp for the walk. I have only missed one walk so far this year, and I finally filled my passport book and needed a new one.
This State park is perhaps one of the most beautiful in our direct area, and the walk is particularly nice because the trails are well groomed and nice and flat. The park is home to a well manicured beach open to the public during the summer months, (It once had diving boards and I remember as a kid waiting in line to take my terrifying jump, it was so much fun).

A golf course lies on the outskirts of the park, several picnic areas scatter the area, a playground, ball fields, fishing areas, concession stand, and bath house.   Multiple bench seating along the trails, and miles and miles of beautiful woods.

Nick and I started our walk along the lake, and the beauty of the water is overwhelming.
I spent most of the 4 mile walk taking tons of pictures. Enjoy.

Riley especially enjoyed taking dips in the water.

I tried to get a few pictures of the blue/green water. They say the lake is "bottomless" and you can easily seen in some areas where the water just seems to drop off into the deep abyss. The coloring is actually a combination of the plant life and light reflection. There was information about it along the trail, but I didn't stop and read up on it. (I really am bad about getting the facts). All I can say is that these pictures do not do the beauty of the lake justice.

Dead Man's drop, was once the place we kids would meet up on Senior Skip day. I have waded in this area, but never swam out where I could not see the bottom. Swimming and wading is forbidden, of course as teens we never listened, and there is rumor, I do not know if it is true, that people have taken a swim only to be pulled down under the cliffs never to be seen again. Perhaps this is why it is called Dead Man's Drop.

The only wildlife we saw on our walk. I'm not sure what kind of bird he was.

here is another shot on a new log.

Deeper into the forest we find more wooded areas and a creek. Riley takes a walk into it and came out with deep dark smelly mud on his feet. It was so dark it looked like he was wearing boots. We had him take a dip in Round Lake when we got to it.
Round Lake was the 1/2 point for the Folksmarch, Nick and I continued on and took off around Round lake adding about another mile to the 5k walk. I was grateful that my back has continued to hold out, and there was little to no pain. Anytime I did feel a little pain, I would just take a seat and rest for a moment, and I was back to new. (I cannot express how glad I am that I am not struggling with that awful back pain.)

I tried to get a good picture of the colors of the lake. It is incredibly pretty. These blue greens remind me of those gorgeous beach waters off some tropical island.

 speaking of color, just look at how the green in these leaves pop against the rotted tree trunk. I enjoyed the tiny leaf hearts as well.

These hills of trees and exposing roots line one wall of the trail with the lake on the other. The trails and the park was quite popular today and we greeted many people. Often they would stop and say hello to the dogs. There were also many dogs along the trail, so the canines got to do some meeting and greetings as well.

We made our way back to our starting point, grabbed a drink of Lemonade from the Folksmarch area as well as a brownie which Nick and I split, and headed homewards. We talked about hitting up the Westcott St fair (which Nick and I attended several years ago when he was younger, but have not made it to in many years since). We both decided and by looking at the dogs, it was best to head on home.

 All the way home I felt so relaxed and at peace. The dogs must have been feeling pretty peaceful as well, they passed out once in the van. I so enjoyed walking and I really did feel so much of a sense of peace afterwards. I must make an effort to do that more often. It was incredibly nice, and extra special that my son came with me. Plus I got my Folksmarch walk in for the month. So glad that even as an adult my oldest wants to hang out with his mom.

He's such a great kid!