Friday, September 6, 2013

The CNY United Way Cook off!

Friday is here and I have not prepared a FLASH BACK, so I apologize. We really have been busy with school starting back up, and addressing the fact that fall is on its way. (based upon the cool temperatures). As it so happened yesterday I went to the city to attend my training that was re-scheduled from Wed. to Thursday...only to find that it had been re-scheduled once again. It would have been nice to be warned, and now it is being held on a day I cannot attend. (Another reason to hate my former employer). Wasted time, wasted gas, and now I will be less four credit hours that I am trying to obtain for my re-cert. I did instead make it to the grocery store and stocked up on several items we were low on.
(I think his dog missed him)
My son had a great first day, and he reports that he enjoys his new teacher and has a few friends in his class. Renee stopped by and we chatted for a bit, then Gavin and I played some basketball. I kicked his butt. I think it is only because I am a little taller.( Am I a bad mom because I refuse to let him win? His father will, I wont).
The budget continues to be working for us. Having my husband be accountable to me before the bill collectors seems to be working and as of today ALL BILLS ARE PAID in this cycle. I have a few last minute school items I missed from that dreaded back to school list (I really do hate those things, and the kids almost NEVER use half the stuff on the list) his teacher asked why he didn't have everything. OPPS. You can blame mom.
Frost was on the grass this morning, ALREADY...WAAH!!! another WAAH is I tried to get a cabin at two different campgrounds for Halloween celebrations (We have enjoyed these in the past) and both were ALL BOOKED! Bummer. I think we might go to Great Escape for their Halloween celebration instead. The boys enjoy that!
RAMBLING ON, when I really should be getting dressed to take the boy to the bus stop....OK better get a move on. Lots planned for today so I should be back with trip pics.
First stop on the agenda was to Walgreens as I had a coupon for pictures. 100 photo's for $10- cant beat that. I go to the photo computer and it keeps reading insert memory card. I do and I did and then I do again. I repeat this several times and the computer continues to insist that I insert my card. I shove it in harder and shake the screen a little as I punch I fingers into the stupid touch screen. Photo's yes! no I do not wall art or photo mouse pads, Do I agree to the conditions, YES. (harder this time) insert digital memory card. I do again....still insert digital memory car. FINALLY: my pictures start to show up on the screen. I begin to select..... I am up to choice #35 when....Please insert digital memory card........ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? It goes back to the original screen. Grumble, grumble (I actually said more then grumble) Of course during this someone has slide into the only other photo computer and is blissfully printing her stash. (I bet she had the same coupon) I start again, hopeful that I will easily retrieve my pictures and can check out soon. Same shit happens....I start to speak OUT LOUD my disgust with the machine and the store. I am pushing the touch here buttons hard enough to rattle the wooden cubicle! Clearly I am loosing my mind and I swear a few times....the nice employee comes over, can I help. Well yes you can actually...I explain what happened. She tries. Same results. she tries again...yep NOTHIN! She tries something in the back of the computer...stil nada. Then she suggests to shut the whole thing down, so I wait, and I wait and I wait. YEAH back up. I slowly with purpose follow each step, not daring to push to hard or to lite. Insert card now. I do.......STILL NOTHIN!!!!! That's when I made some indecent comments wadded up my freeken coupon threw it on the floor and walked out! I think I said something like Have a nice F*^*&^n day Walgreens as I exited the building.  So I might have overreacted just a little, but come on! I was there over 25 minutes trying to get mu damn pictures loaded. (NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT GO TO WALGREENS EVER AGAIN a. because that sucked, and b. I am more then likely on Camera actin a fool.)
So now I have to hurry to my next destination. Better outcome because I scored a FREE water bottle with my purchase. Then on to my mom's....and the FREE h20 bottle redeemed my frustration so I am all good by then.
Mom was joining me for 2 whole hours of STUFFING OUR FACES at the United Way of CNY Cook off!  For $5- it was ALL YOU CAN EAT samples from several local business's in the CNY area.
(signing in. Hi its me Wendy!)
38 local business, five different categories; Appetizers, Chili, Healthy dishes, Pasta/Potato and Desserts lined the regional market to raise money and awareness to the community. They were also hoping for our favorite choice vote in the final winning cook off.
My mom and I arrived early and totally by accident, (but this worked out in the end) started with the desserts.
 Root beer Floats!
Brownie bites!Bond, Schoeneck & King
Dream puffs! By Reality USA
Cannoli Cupcakes-The Bonadio Group
Caramel Brownies-Girl Scouts (these were so cute I had to get a close up with their table cloth)
I'm not sure if these will be making an appearance in this Springs cookie sales? I didn't eat mine, I saved most of my desserts for my family. PLUS there were SOOOO many even I couldn't get them all down. I couldn't believe the portion sizes either..they were huge!
My mom, with my personal favorite dessert, the Berry Bramble- Grossman St. Amour, they also scored us these great trays (actually frisby's ) , they worked out GREAT for our many yummy treasures.
Smores Cookies- SRC, Inc & SRCTec, Inc
Several of the booths were themed too. The Smores cookie company had all kinds of camp gear and a BEAR!

Another one of my favorites.
Dreamsicle Delights-Upstate Medical University

Vera House was there representing, so I stopped and said hi to Randi, Dotti, Karen and Jen. They featured Pumpkin Whoopie Pies. Hi ladies! My mom asked about donating some quilts and both Dotti an Randi, told my mom how much they appreciate my work on the crisis calls. How nice.
pictured are Karen and Dottie (The Volunteer Coordinators)
Just take a look at my Dessert plate..We need a moment to catch up.
BUT wait...what is just up ahead...POTATO's and PASTA (totally two of my favorite FOOD groups)
by now the crowds were forming and getting pictures were less desirable then getting my hands on some of that good fattening FOODS....MOVE over BITCHES...I want mine. My mom skipped several in this area only to enjoy......

 the Salt City Spud-IBEW Local 97/National Grid, which was a 1/2 a small baked potato with cheese/bacon/chives and sour cream. Yummy yes!
BUT WHAT is that? A complete meal up ahead.
Pulled pork sliders topped with coleslaw and a side of OMG OMG! DEEP FRIED MAC & CHEESE!-Crouse Hospital.
I didn't even realize what it was until we found a place to sit down and begin to dig in. OH it was YUMMY!
I also scored from the Potato and Pasta section
Featured in the Post Standard; Buffalo Chicken Sausage Lazy Lasagna-Syracuse Orthopedic Specialist, and a Potato Sundae-The Salvation Army.
I tried the Sausage and Pepper Pasta- Syracuse Firefighters local 280, that my mom and I shared and was disappointed (I thought Firemen were better cooks)
Only thing I missed in the Pasta/Potato was the Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese-The Samaritan Center.
I'm totally okay with that...cause I was getting so FULL, but terribly thirsty.
That's okay, because Anheuser Bush Inc will give you a cup of ice cold beer! I tried one of the dark lager  beers and wish I had gone with a Bud light instead. See what happens when you ask others for their preferred choice, especially after he called me trouble since I didn't have a over 21 arm bracelet. They also featured The Bud Light Tailgate Chili, which my mom had and enjoyed.
My mom tried several of the chili's. I had my own chili last evening and I was so busting at this point. She tried and her favorite choice was
Cincinnati Chili-P.E.A.C.E inc
Neither of us tried The Chili Strikes Back- Testone, Marshall & Discenza CPA's (not because it didn't look good, but because we were beginning to feel the stomach pain) but I did get a picture of their great Themed characters; Luke, Leah, Darth and Storm Trooper!

Last Chili tried was the Camo Cornchip Chili-Elmcrest Children's Center. (I think both mom and I passed on this...even though Fritos are my favorite chips!)
I didn't go near the Healthy Dishes (not that we could if we wanted to, the place was packed) but my mom did a quick duck and grab scoring herself a Navy Bean Salad with Cider-St Joeseph's Hospital. (I am totally good that I missed that one). The International foods were gone, and I commented as one of the agencies was the Food Bank of CNY (How ironic is that...and sad, the Food Bank ran out of their foods first)
The band (although I have no idea who they were) played popular songs as we mingled in the NOW VERY CROWDED building.
Check it out Standing room only.
Time for an ICE COLD Pepsi-
Just a few more tastes...I can make it. Up ahead Appertizers. I tried Cheesey Cucumber Bites (Very good) and Carrier Kickin Chicken- Carrier/Local 58 as well as their Breeze Tropical Drink.
Ready to vote?
Hot Dogs up head! And All I SEE is the FREE sign and forget my stomach. (It is such a sickness)

I feel like such a jerk, but I threw this perfectly good dog out in the garbage....
Time to vote.
Here are our voting chips

The line to vote was too long and was not moving so I stuck all of my tokens (even though they were colored by category) into the Crouse- Deep Fried Mac & Cheese box!
We had such fun! My mom and I complained about our stomachs all the way back to the car. OH MY WE WERE FULL!!!! I am so glad we went and was shocked by the portions of food we were given to sample. It was definitely great FUN and what amazing eats. Homewards to finish up the day. Could be hot dogs and picnic dinner at Gavin's school tonight and maybe Walk and Wine later with the girls. Right now I don't want to think about adding anything to my gut! UGG!