Saturday, September 7, 2013

Walk and Wine, Exam, Irish Fest and Italian Food

Last evenings ventures, exam time, an Irish Festival and The Olive Garden!
It is Saturday morning just a few hours before my exam and I am actually nervous. I really have put all my eggs in this one basket, as I have not explored ANY alternatives for employment. I'm sure I will do well and I need to stop worrying about it. I will share more about this trip to a NY State exam later.
Last evening, we skipped the Welcome Back Picnic at my son's school, (he really had no desire to go) but I did attend Walk and Wine (Whine) with Tami and Jenny.
No wine for me, but it was a nice mile 1/2 + walk FREE of back pain! I am so happy that I am not dealing with that any longer (quick knock on wood). We took a few pictures making fun of ourselves.

Okay, so maybe it was just me making funny faces. (I was showing my fat stomach after all that FOOD I ate earlier in the day) Tami wanted us to get a BEFORE picture. I say...BEFORE WHAT? I'm always FATTER in the after pictures based on my own pictorial timeline. The key is to bend down in photo's it hides things of course I had to bend forward to let it all hand out!
Here is a much nicer pic.

Walking hard ladies!
We even saw some wildlife on our little walk around the neighborhood.

No..I'm just kidding, we didn't see any Rhino's but we saw several bunny's hoping along the lawns.

Back at Jenny's house for this session of walk and wine, Tami and Jen enjoyed a white wine, while I played with her two girls.
I guess I get ALL the fun. At one pt. even the dog was on top of me too!
Don't they look SAD (not) that they are missing out on the double attack?

It was an enjoyable evening. We missed Renee and Christine, but it was fun just the same. Thinking we might try to do some more walking mid-week and skip the WINE. I'm sure that is not helping with the big gut, although it is possibly not as harmful as that lunch or rather 17 course meal I woofed down yesterday at the Cook off! I gave Jenny all the left over desserts for her Birthday as we didn't remember a cake! Hope you don't mind Jenny, Happy Birthday anyways.

Several hours later today:
It took me just about 50 minutes to complete my exam. I will only say that I did my best! It was not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, but the more I talked about it with friends, the more worried I get, so I am simply going to throw it into the wind. From Pain and Gain.."If you think you deserve it, the universe will serve it. " So I am thinking positive.

Later today, I went to Downtown Syracuse to the Irish Festival. This is one Festival that I have not had the pleasure to attend over the last several years of my life. It was a nice time. Syracuse natives truly LOVE the Irish and their beer. There were several booths selling "Authentic" and perhaps not so Authentic Irish gifts; Green T-shirts, jewelry, and all sorts of things poking FUN at those Irish Stereotypes. Is it any less of offensive to make fun of the Irish if your Irish yourself? I'm not sure, but I got a kick out of these T-shirts.

I had to laugh, just a little. There were some interesting characters out and about. Is this a leprechaun?
 Check out the uni cyclist.
Almost any city has a few of these guys roaming the area. I once heard them referred to as flying rats, or was that the sea gull?
They were all over the place seeking out some eats. Pigeons remind me of Sesame St, Burt's favorite bird, and his Pigeon dance. I can still envision him in my mind.
(Just had to add this.)
 Where was I? We enjoyed the music, explored the history of our Irish names, and discussed genealogy. My family is Scott-Irish, so I am not sure if I can make 100% claim of being an Irish American.
Enjoying some Irish music.
These kids were having fun dancing to the Irish jigs.
I got a few pictures of Downtown Syracuse too. The Fest was located in Clinton Square, which I learned today was once part of the Erie Canal. In fact, years ago people would ice skate right her in this square on the canal. They use this as an ice rink in the winter here now too.
There really is some cool architecture down here. Maybe some day I will take a trip just to look at the buildings.
 I thought this was a GREAT sign.

Another stage hosted a more Irish lullaby Band, and soon after they finished the little dancers were out. 

I just love these dances. They sure kick their legs up high.

They were lots of fun. 
Once the dancers completed we headed home, full of Irish cheer...but no beer.
Saturday evening, as if I haven't eaten enough this weekend already, my hubby suggests an evening dinner out. We all chime up The Olive Garden. If there is anyplace you can bust a gut, and walk away with more for later, the Olive Garden wins. We all fill ourselves up with the soup, salad and breadsticks, (making sure we ask for an additional bowl or two of those yummy sticks), then have some left over main dish. On this particular trip, the boys and I got the endless pasta bowl. They couldn't stomach a second bowl. (neither could I) but I did request one so I could bring it home for a lunch later in the week. I just love it when you can re-enjoy your meal later.
Feeling like a stuffed turkey.. I fell into bed regretting all the food I shoveled in, but glad I hadn't got myself a Shepard's Pie at the Irish Fest.