Friday, September 20, 2013

WOO WOO! Weekend is here, lets start with a trip to Clark's Reservation.

Yesterday afternoon I attended the mandated reporter training. I actually learned a few things, which, for all the EGO I portray regarding my profession is impressive. "Hats off to Jackie" or perhaps I was just listening for the first time. Once the training was concluded, I headed over to inpatient to cover my shift. I worked with some great people, and for the exception of one gentleman who decided at 8pm last night that he would be much better at recovery doing it at home, and he left AMA, it was a smooth enjoyable shift.

Today is pay bills day. So I have a ton of running around to do, stop at my mom's, walk the dogs (my daughter is planning on hanging out with me today, what JOY!) I have to keep asking myself HOW did I get kids that actually enjoy spending time with their mom? And the GROCERIES with coupons later this afternoon. The coupon thing has proven to be quite successful in the past, but I actually have to sit down and examine it all, make my list and follow it to the letter to see any AMAZING savings. My typical savings is about 1/2 off my total, so I don't complain, and there is something MAGICAL when you see that register begin to take several dollars off. It becomes ADDICTING. SHOW ME THE SAVINGS!!!!
For now I am off, so much to do. I'll be back with trips of the day/weekend to share!


Lexi joined me on my paying of bills, and we took the dogs off to Clark's Reservation State Park in Jamesville, NY.
 It has been awhile since I have visited this park and did recall there were some great trails to walk, but that they were several CLIFF's to climb as well. The thought that these cliff's might be difficult for the dogs only briefly crossed my mind as we descended into the forest.
We walked by a host of park workers planting some fall flowers, and I asked if this trail (The Cliff View) was a good one. "Oh yeah!" said one guy. Oh yeah was right, I have never worked so hard in my life climbing up those cliff's and it wasn't so bad the climbing, but with the was pretty scary. The gaps between the rocks would fit a puppy paw nicely and my own foot could slip in and break an ankle for sure.
 Although there is a fence on the side of this cliff drop there were some areas that were open to the free fall. Walking with the dogs on this was pretty terrifying. I joked with lexi that if peanut fell off the edge she could easily just hoist him up, but if Riley slipped off, I would go over for sure.
This was one of the views over the cliff. There were several steeper. I just never dared to get so close to the side to view it.
The hikes up over the rocks were not easy to navigate either and at one point we had to lift Riley up over them.
Here is a picture of one climb along the trail. We did a lot of ups and downs like this. I sure worked my butt off.
The views of the lake from the cliff were crowded by tree's, but the sky offered several visuals of large birds flying over head. Lexi said she saw an eagle....I looked and looked and looked. I never saw one, but did see some birds off in the distance and waited patiently (as Riley pulled to move on) for her Eagle to return. He never did.
Most of the leaves are still green yet, but you can see some changing as the fall weather comes in.
Peanut got a ride on Lexi for most of the rocky parts as well as the flat cliff's with big holes between. Riley's paw, my foot...but definitely we could have loss peanut into a cliff hole for sure.

This rock was worth a climb. Lexi called it Lion King rock, (Pride Rock) after the cliff baby Simba is held up over in the movie. She attempted a climb, but getting to the actual jetted cliff presented with a little more difficulty. Stay there let me get a picture.
We followed Cliff trail all the way to where the path ended with a road block /caution sign. Oh well, lets take this root.
Saddle Back trail had less cliff climbs, but we were not totally free of rocky climbs up or down. Take a look at some of these rocks, with the strange moss growing on them.
Off cliff trail the walk was more like this, but there was still several large rocks to climb over. 
There were several trees growing like thing in/through and up around the rocks, this was pretty cool to see. 

We made our way back to the entrance, and once again had to lift Riley. Both Lexi and I were sweating by the time we were back to the small playground area, and the dogs were hot too. I have no idea how many miles (if even one) that we walked, but we climbed up and down so much it certainly gave us all a work out. Lexi posed with some of the cute little items at the playground. 
 See the cute little mushrooms to climb on, and there is a fake snake on that log. When I told her there was a snake, she freaked. We were also told there were some REAL one's the trail, by a couple walking in the opposite direction, but we never saw them. I had to get Riley with this Beaver or weasel or whatever...he wasn't fooled.

I thought this little mouse was adorable. He's not real Lexi announced....well I know that silly girl. 

We took a walk over to the lake view and the Nature Center, which happened to be closed, and also got the dogs some water. They were really thirsty. As we were walking back to the van, I informed the two women, their cute little pup, and their sweet little girl in a stroller to be aware of the cliff trail. No way they were going to get that stroller over those cliffs for sure.
All four of us drank some fluids and re-grouped..dogs pooped out and headed on our way. We took a lunch break at Micky D's (So much for any calories we might have burned on the hike) and off to home. We surrendered some of our McNuggets to the man on the bridge pan handling. Hey four nuggets is a nice lunch isn't it? and made it home. It was a GREAT day...the park was amazing, and the weather was beautiful. I was especially glad to have Lexi with me on this adventurous trip. Now on to coupon/grocery planning, while the dogs are CRASHED out on the floor.

Finding a way to relax just about anywhere! Love that GIRL!