Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Annual Halloween Party

No trips, but Friday night was our annual Halloween Party. I can't say for sure when the"annual" part came in, but for at least the last 15 years or so, (although I missed a few years) I have been hosting a Halloween Party in some format or another. The first ones being in my home on Comstock Ave, and these way back when were in my hay days and usually were much more about "getting wild" then about getting together. The last few I am realizing are more Family based and much more food is consumed then alcohol. Fun just the same, and I LOVE getting dressed up, and Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday.
For the most part it is an opportunity for some friends that have been consistent in my life for several years, and all of us getting together and having a good time. Here are some of the pictures.
Me and my daughter. I had pillows in my rump to give me some added cushion, although I don't think I needed much.
Cool duds. My little guy.
Alex, my friend Mary's son dressed as Slenderman.
mary made these darling cupcakes.
David and Renee always have GREAT costumes. Love the look's!
Mindy and her little darling Maddie as Arial.
Mary looking gorgeous as a flapper.
Pat and Annie
Carol and Mike
Getting the FULL effect.
Mark did not dress up this year. He usually surprises everyone and finds an outfit at the last minute. Although I am not so sure what was up with the pants.
Tami and Allie. Marathon runners.
Thing 2 came after his shift at work. Carmen had some fun Dr. Suess rhymes all evening.
Luke with some fun shades.
 Steven and Tyler (below) who both took their costumes off almost the moment they got in, so I missed them both. Ben, whose picture I missed all together was costumeless as well. What is with these boys?
Enjoying the company.
I missed photos of a few additional guests and wanted to make mention of Rich, (Tami's husband) whom is always a trooper and allowed his wife to stay later and take her home when Jenny and her family arrived later in the evening. I missed pictures of them as well.
It was a great evening. Nice to see everyone as well as enjoy the festivities.
Me shaking my bunk a dunk.