Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kicking the trips planned ahead.

I have been dragging my feet this morning, irritated that I have work. One would think, having no consistent working hours, a few scattered here and there would really be an easy task to take on, but currently I am kicking myself for agreeing to work today. I always have a difficult time on the day's that I am to go in...there is a reason I left there remember. I do enjoy the $ however and I continue to take the hours when they are given to me and as they fit around my schedule. I suppose I should shut the heck up and be grateful to have the luxury of choosing to work or not. Unfortunately today....I have forgone that choice, so I am stuck going in.
I began yet another "DIET" which I am not calling a diet...but a LIFESTYLE change. So far I have not lost a thing....not to be to disheartening. Typically past "diets" have proven to show a rapid loss within the first few days/weeks, and then I find myself back to my old patterns and the weight returns. Not to become to disappointed, I am keeping it positive and focusing on what I can do today rather then speculating on the "when this does not works". I successfully made it to the gym yesterday. I did about an hour in total of actual physical movement. I also made it out for a late night walk with the dogs last evening. More physical activity then most days, so I figure I am on the right track. Potentially plan to hit the gym again today and try to make it a regular thing.  My diet has been better, but I am not going to attempt to alter it to such an intense degree that I set myself up. I do know this well about me....when I hit something I usually hit it hard. History has proven that if I'm not careful I will soon be eating nothing but celery sticks and completing giving up on any diet attempts should I slip and have one calorie ridden snack.
My bad behaviors continued despite my mindset yesterday at the grocery store. After $168- sales,(I saved about $100- in coupons and advantage card savings) I had not purchased one healthy item for myself. I opted for subs again for dinner. Better then McDonalds or some other fast food joint, and a large part of the total was on meats(which we had none of, and I refuse to be one of those dieter that will not eat red meat, or will substitute turkey burgers or tofu hot will NEVER happen) .....but damn it not a single fruit or veggie made it's way to my cart. What was I thinking?
So............let me kick at the dirt a little here, before I charge onto the day that awaits. Work, the gym, oh yes and I am committed to one of those home business parties this evening. I have got to start saying NO! I think I have agreed to attend, host, peddle and tonight model ALL at home business out there....and yet I can not commit to my own side business. STOPPING...This is my trip blog...not my lets step myself up to break myself down forum.....with that I will say goodbye.
I added this picture after my post....I think I might just have the prettiest FALL tree in my neighborhood...isn't she LOVELY?