Thursday, October 31, 2013

With all the ghoul of Halloween..lets get pretty.

Last evening I went to a Mary Kay party. For all of my home business attendances, this was my first Mary Kay....Unsure of what to expect, but ready for a magical TRANSFORMATION. I have since decided there is not enough make up in the world for such a transformation, it still was a good time.
Here is Serina, Carol and myself with the final creations. I am thinking I have way to much FACE on that head of mine.


Carol and Serina looking pre-make up pretty. We were provided with our own make-up consultation and pallet, where each of us were walked through the application steps. What I found the most exciting was the make-up removal. I do not typically wear tons of make-up a little foundation, blush, and mascara is my typical daily wear. I might add some eyeliner and some lip gloss if I am off to work, but generally I am pretty minimum. With that being said I was shocked how much gunk came off my face with the removal. I might just have to invest in some of that.
 Keri and Deborah. Keri is Carol's co-worker and becoming a consultant. She is very sweet. Deborah is the well experienced Mary Kay consultant and owner of this PINK CADDY!
 SWEET!!!! But not sweet enough for me to even consider becoming YET another home business person. I will be ending my Pure Romance business as of today. (Due to lack of sales...I decided to hang up my Adult business...Honestly I just didn't work it like I could and it suffered as a result.) I am continuing my Close to My Heart Business however.

Carol and me with the final faces. Don't we look cute? I didn't purchase any products that evening, but did offer my services to Kari in the future. (I always host don't you know) I also met some very interesting people and had a great time. Poor Kari I think she had some of the "more" difficult clients this evening for her trail run. One women, had an allergic reaction...YIKES, a few of the women didn't apply any make up (as they do not typically wear it), one was in a hurry to go to another event so she was rushing through the application, some needed certain skin creams etc...and to top it off she had Carol, Serina and myself to deal with. WOW! Despite everything I think it went well for her just the same. We had a fun out of the ordinary evening....AND NOW for's OFFICIALLY time to get our HAUNT on for HALLOWEEN! Should be a fun filled day of Parades, costumes and TRICK OR TREATS!!!!