Friday, October 25, 2013

Work at Vera House, car Dr., battling a cold, pumpkin carvings begin and Flu Shot, Really?

After our amazing weekend get-away, life back home has been nothing to exciting. Monday I was off to my volunteer job. I spent most of my time there deleting my email box, and based upon e-mails I had in my November 2012 box, I have been a Vera House volunteer nearly a year now. Wow time does go quickly. I also did some research on my test results and still nothing. I did notice that the particular exam I took in Aug. is now closed. Meaning what I am not sure, but apparently there will be no more tests for that exam until the hold is up. Again I am not sure what all that means, except I guess I am glad I got my test in when I did...maybe? Mark said "not to worry about it, but I am sure you will." Does he know me or what? After my volunteer work, I had an appointment for London (my car). Her service light went on while we were on our way to Niagara Falls, and despite my best efforts to get her in before we left for Lake George I just couldn't juggle it. I was told as long as I did not got over 30,000 miles I should be okay. We were of course, but I hate when the lights are on regardless.
This was London's first NON-FREE service call, and I was just a little floored at the $87+ tax fee for a tire rotation, oil change, and the Toyota Full service inspection (per the invoice) and complementary wash. I accepted my charges, found a comfy spot in front of the tv, and proceeded to wait. I waited for 21/2 hours. Not a happy camper at all. to make it more unfulfilling, there were NO FREE snack's out and I could not hear the TV. (I eventually found the volume button, and snacks were put out shortly before I left and I did score a cookie). Lucky me, I got to watch a soap (I don't even know which one), the entire showing of The Dr's, and most of Dr. Phil before my name was called to collect my car. Not only that, the only time there was a line at the check out, was once I got up there to pay. Unhappy camper. Did she really want me to fill out the satisfaction survey? I haven't decided just yet if I am going to bother.
Since I was detained, I never made it to the grocery Monday, so we were out a ton of stuff, finding dinner was a juggle of "oh thank God" we have some spaghetti noodles left, and 1/2 package of frozen meatballs. I did make it to the Craft store and scored a deal on a pumpkin carving kit (I had a 50% off coupon for Monday only), and I also scored a 70% off costume for Riley. He's the horse with the headless horseman riding on top. (It was all I could find in his size). This was the best picture I could get, he wasn't all that corporate. 
Of course, my son wants to start carving the pumpkins. I explained that the kits are not like the "normal" carvings and inquired if he would like to just carve out a face with a knife. He insisted on the kit and picked out a fairly difficult design.
(he really does change his clothing, he just really likes this damn sweatshirt. Last year it was a black sweatshirt that he wore ALL the TIME..... OK so he's an odd duck, I love him anyways.)
About a 1/4 of a way into the carving, he was done and yours truly was left carving the pumpkin. I really had so many other things I would have preferred to do. Like take a nap. I have been battling a cold since Friday, and was hoping to catch up on some rest. If you have ever used these kits then you are aware that they can be pretty time consuming. (I have five more to get to).
I think this one came out pretty good just the same, what do you think?

My Tuesday was not much better. I was called by the director of my work last week and informed of a mandatory training I must attend on Tuesday. That was fine, I need to stop at my mom's anyways and I was told that I could give myself an hour of pay. I was also told that I would need to obtain a mandatory flu-shot if I had not already done so, or wear a mask any time I was working. I was irritated by this, but accepting.
I made it to the training site.. the only person there (and the trainer) and think horray, lets get this done. I was told it will take about ten minutes. I sign in, get my pass-word, go through the steps and the guy gets a phone call. I wait and wait. Now it would be one thing if it was a work related thing, but it was a personal call from his mother. REALLY. Now my ten minute training is ticking away. Finally he's off the phone, he literally shows me two more things, and I am done. WOW, his mom couldn't wait?
At least that is let me get this shot real quick and I can get an hours pay for all of 20-30 minutes top. Of course there is a line for the shot by now as this is a NEW STATE LAW and everyone in the company must get it or wear a stupid mask. (I read in the paper that since the law the numbers of health professionals getting the shot has doubled since last years non-mandate.  I just hate when the government gets involved with my health and what I put in my body.
 I typically do not get the Flu shot unless there is one available to me via work, or I just happen to be at the Dr.'s and they offer. Otherwise, I have not been an advocate of or for a yearly vaccination. My kids have typically not obtained one in most years, and my husband (who is a Dr. and should know medically whats best, although that may not be the best example) down right refuses. I have (knock on wood) not had a year where having got or not gotten the shot has proved to be statically speaking a better year for not having the flu or having it. In all honestly I don't think I have ever skipped a seasonal shot and came down with the flu or had the shot and not come down with the flu. Basically I haven't seen any thing that proves I would be less of a risk of getting the flu or not with or without.
So this year I get it....whatever right? I was okay with that until I was told my insurance does not cover it. WTF!!!!! I can go to my own Dr. and obtain it. (Well we already know how that went), I can wear the stupid mask, or pay the FREEKEN $30- fee. NOW I am PISSED. Not only did I have to waste my time coming down here, take a stupid training and get a stupid shot.. I have to PAY for it too.  There goes my hour of pay for coming in. I did it and i'm still irritated.  I have decided if I die from the shot, my family will be getting rich off SBH's dollar.
I did make it to the store after, but my arm was throbing, and I felt like shit. (or was that my imagination). Once home and my tirade over I took darling daughter to work with plans to pick her up at 11pm. All I wanted to do was sleep. I even skipped my FREE how to class at the YMCA to get some rest. Just to push the knife in my back, I stay up to drive to my daughters work at 11pm and she had forgotten to call and let me know she has found a ride. SO I DROVE IN FOR NOTHING....REALLY!