Friday, October 18, 2013

Work, Vet's, and a little Lore

Wednesday I worked, then made a dash to Vera House for the monthly training. I missed the first 20 minutes of the meeting, but did grab a slice of pizza and some pound cake for desert. The training was on the double standard of violence and women specifically in the media. I only caught the last bit of the video, so I am guessing, but the discussion that followed appeared to be around this. I claimed a few volunteer days for next month and was soon heading back home. I arrived just in time to get back in my car and take my daughter to work. I considered making dinner, and decided to order out. Sometimes I am just SOOOO lazy. On my way to gain pizza (such a variety in my diet), I stopped at Family Video in search of Britt's (from Ghost Hunters) new movie The Black Dahlia Hauntings. No luck, the order for the movie never came in. I grabbed Sandra Bullock and  Melissa McCarthy's new  DVD release The Heat instead. It was well worth it a very funny watch.
Pizza and movie night, and of course I worked in some savings: Pizza was Domino's $7.99 deal, and I had a coupon for a FREE rental. T, W, TH is with any rental a FREE less then new rental, so I got a second movie too. I ended up paying .50 cents for both. Seven Psychopaths is the other movie, but we have it for five days, so we did not watch it yet.

Thursday I did some cleaning, some scrapping, and took the dogs to the vet.
Both pups needed to be seen and they got their shots, and a good check up. Everything looks good.
Both dogs seem healthy. Yeah!
We stopped at my mom's and then we were off. Gavin requested cheese fries from Heids, so we got some of those, and then we were home.
Later in the evening I went to the Liverpool Library for a FREE evening of LORE.

Author Melanie Zimmer read short stories from her books. All the myths, legends and lore came from the central NY area. It was interesting. I passed on purchasing her books, but enjoyed the readings just the same. She read about witchcraft, fairies, and a man whose embalmed body was viewed for years after his death and finally buried. It was a nice evening.
We are heading off to Lake George this afternoon, and I woke with a cold. I took some medicine and went back to sleep. I slept till noon. Hoping this will not damper the day. Off to pack and prepare, then we will be in Lake George till Sunday. See you at my next posting.