Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas with Kathy at Northside Baptist Church.

Back from NY and at home. I was grateful to have some normalcy. Sunday after getting home earlier that day at 2am, I sadly lounged around most of the day recuperating from the trip. Mark and I did take the dogs to the Dog Park and took a brisk walk. We had Wegman's subs for dinner, but it was pretty uneventful.
Monday I started yet another work on Wendy stretch. Looking at pictures of myself re-affirmed that I do need to shed some serious poundage, and when you receive a statement of your visit to the Dr. and the diagnosis reads Morbid Obese....you really have to stop and think about things. I also quit my lifelong (well it seems like it) relationship with nicotine. I am entering day 2 of healthy living, and so far so good. I kept myself busy on Monday and that helped. Vera House in the morning, some Christmas shopping and the YMCA in the afternoon, a nice proportioned meal for dinner and after was a Holiday celebration at my church.
Before I get into how amazing the evening was I feel I need to add to my Work On Wendy with my need to work on the relationship I have with God. I will never be one of those Jesus pushers, I'm not clear on what it means to be saved, I will never come home from church and insist that my husband converts, or try to get other family members or friends to connect with God either, but I do know that I want to have my own personal relationship with something bigger then myself. I feel I found a niche in my current church and if God finds his way into my heart I am willing and ready to take his lead. With that said I will share with you what a lovely evening I had last night.

Jenny, my neighbor joined me at the 10th year of Kathy's ladies Christmas Celebration. Kathy is the preachers wife and she was an amazing hostess for the evenings event. To start we were asked to name that song based upon the display at the front desk. I think we did well.
 Any guess's? Hark the Heard Angles Sing perhaps?
The program. Lots of wonderful things were to come.

We found a nice table with my friend Judy and some friends of hers as well and jumped into the amazing assortment of cookies.

 (Didn't I start my diet that day???) I actually only had one cookie and took the rest home to my family. Can you guess which one I ate? Yep Peanutbutter cups were in it.

We had some time to talk and consume our goodies, I did splurge and have coffee with peppermint flavored creamer. Yum, that was almost better then the cookie.

 We played a few trivia games about the night that Jesus was born. I was not as correct as I had hoped. Thank Goodness we were not being GRADED or SCORED.

Up next was singing and these voices were unbelievably amazing. I think that singing is one of my favorite parts of going to church. Sure I enjoy the lesson, but I really love to sing. (sorry about my pictures I left the flash off, now that I understand how to do it and it really takes away from the shot).

After the lovey songs and a few prayers Kathy lead a discussion around the night that Jesus was born. She read the bible and shared the story and then she spoke about the importance of having Christmas all year long. What was nice about her presentation was that she was real about it. Historically I have left churches that I felt have forced it down my throat. This Church makes it about incorporating God into your life within the realm of what is really happening in your life.

She spoke about the women inflicted who touched the robes of Jesus, and the adulterous women whom Jesus refused to shun. Both female example within the bible that are so different from the women of today, yet so much similar. I loved how Kathy explained the bleeding woman's draw to be near Jesus and seeking him out. Her affliction gone with his touch and peace for her days to come. I related well with the adulterous women, in the reality that people make poor and unwise decisions, but Jesus never casts them out. He only offers salvation. Perhaps my sins are small in comparison, but I do hold rocks to throw and find myself not only spiteful towards others, but often more so of myself.
The lessons really made me think.
The night ended with some more songs, and some more prayer. I walked away with a light heart, a mind full and a plate of yummy cookies. I always walk away with a sense of peace within myself and realize I have to get back to many things in my life that I have let fall to the wayside. Somehow, some way things just seem to work out just as you need them to. Today I will look for the lords strength to help me get through it. I will ask of his guidance in my Wendy challenge and make this day as amazing as the last.