Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Tuesday was a clean house and get decorations up day. The cable company was expected, and Gavin had 1/2 a day of school, so I was limited on where I could go. So I simply stayed home and worked around the house. I was quite productive...
This is my little "fun" tree.

I love Bumble and all of these Holiday Characters from my childhood. It reminds me of the holidays as a child. I can watch Rudolph, Frosty, Santa Claus, the little Drummer boy and all of those classics over again and again.
Once my "fun" tree was complete, I focused on our family tree. I have had white lights for as long as I can remember. My Christmas tree has always had a soft romantic look to it, I used to put baby's breath and dried roses in it to create that romantic look. This year most of my white lights were all burnt out, and my son suggested I go with COLOR. No would be such a contrast from my soft white Christmas glow, he did convince me to try purple, and you know what.....I LOVE it.
Today, my son promptly woke up and threw up. GREAT! I had a medical appointment so I left him asleep and went for an assessment at the Sleep Clinic. Apparently I need to be assessed for Sleep Apnea. It scares me that the reality is I am older...I have to address my health. My BP, and my lung capacity is fine, but the Dr. reported that my airway is a bit constructed. I guess I will just have to see once I am all hooked up with the machines. Despite my health and my son's vomit. When I got home he was well, and I was expecting a visit from my friend Pat, who fixed my computer. YES the computer is all fixed now. Still not sure what the problem is GONE just the same. It was nice to spend some time with Pat too. As bizarre as it may sound he was my first love. We have remained friends through all these years, and he really is a great guy. We had a chance to catch up on things as well as discuss the loss of our friend and his cousin George. Promise that we all get together sometime soon. Now I am going to relish in my improved computer, and play some games.