Friday, December 13, 2013

Really? Dull week so far? Really?

It has really been a not so exciting week here in the Beale house. It has been so low key I can barely remember what I did.......gee what did I do?
I did; get a good bill of breast health at my annual mammy, had a full grocery shopping trip with coupons, made 6 dozen Holiday cookies to exchange later this evening. Took two trips to the Thrifty Store (I am one of those people).

 I scored a Tommy Hilfiger purse and a Life's Good T-shirt; both in amazing condition total for the two about $5-. I would guestimate their brand new price to be in the $100- range if not more.

I purchased my gift exchange and some fun projects to make for my Holiday Party tonight. I made it to the Gym three times this week.

Cleaned out my front hall closet. That was a real chore. Finally put away my summer clothing. Packed up my own bag of to be donated items. Wrapped several gifts. Purchased my first ever product from QVC, let the addiction begin. (I am finally getting a cell phone) Took care of my sick child. Cleaned, swept and dusted areas that have not seen the light of day in years. Made an emergency trip to the public Library for a biography on Edward Teach; better known as Blackbeard the Pirate. 

Watched Fast and Furious 6, and completed the last two episodes of Season 2's American Horror Story; loved it.
Wow, when you put it that way. It has been a busy week, and that was just Tuesday to Thursday. Today I have some plans to get some gifts taken care of. (try and finish darling daughter's wish list as well as complete mom and dad.) Do a re-fresher clean for tonight, make some more cookies, get to the gym, and celebrate with friends later this evening. Saturday promises to be just as busy. 

With all that I did do, let me tell you what I didn't do; I did not smoke one single cigarette! I did not blow my diet; even though I was making cookies! I did not spend hours on FB playing stupid games! and I did not once forget the importance of being grateful today.
Great week so far!!!!