Sunday, January 26, 2014


Friday evening after some confusion on meeting up with everyone, we finally got together for Bunko. Cathy and her co-workers put together this fund raising game night for the second year and last years event was so much fun, I couldn't miss this one.

 It turned out to be Me, Renee, Doreen and Molly as a starting team, but as the game continues we were soon split up at different tables. If you have not played Bunko, I will spare you the details, but simply say it is an easy game to learn and can be lots of fun.

They also had several raffles and door prizes and people earned beads for getting a Bunko.
During intermission, a friend of Doreen's tried to take our picture...she struggled a bit with finding the button. Several of the attendee's had brought their own alcohol and some were a little BUZZED!
Here were our pictures from the photo expert.

Doreen couldn't stop laughing.
Cathy, Doreen, Renee, Molly and me.
By the second round I was becoming a bunko expert and surly after an evening of PRACTICE, I would be getting my own beads for BUNKO soon. NOT! Everyone of us girls got bunko BUT me!

I didn't do well at all. At final raffle time...I just knew I was due for some LUCK.  I waited with breath held as each number was called. NOPE not even close. I didn't even get a lousy door prize.
That's okay, I had lots of fun anyways and Molly won a gift raffle. WAY TO GO MOLLY!

It was lots of fun. I just love spending time with the girls.