Friday, January 3, 2014

New Years Day 2014

12 years ago I got incredibly lucky because this great, amazing, funny, caring, understanding, sensitive, truly outstanding guy said "I do" when the Justice of the Peace said will you about marrying me.
We had a fairly rushed dating period. If we had been in our right minds we might have thought about things a bit different, but in complete honesty it was simply meant to be. We met, hit it off, married and blended two families making one big happy home.

To celebrate our New Years day and our anniversary, I took Mark to one of his favorite places for lunch. The local OTB.

We enjoyed burgers and fries, I played on my phone while he bet some horses. I know, IT CANNOT GET ANY MORE ROMATIC THEN THIS. It what he likes, and that's important to me. Plus the burgers are pretty good. (Not that I have ever said I ate a bad burger). Needless to say he walked away a looser. Lucky guy he still has me. At least we got the horse racing itch out on the first of the new year!!!! I think we might find some romance later in the week.
Regardless I had a great New Years Day. Happy New Year.