Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Power tools on a Monday.

Feel like I finally can have some "normal" again after all last weeks sickness and school closings. Funny how something like that can really throw off your day/week. I gained two pounds, can't blame the week's disruptions, but clearly it plays a role in my routine. Something I have to get a handle over, life is NOT always going to have structure. We have another FREEZING day today, no school closings yet. Keeping fingers crossed as I have a date with my old friend Lisa.
Yesterday proved to be a difficult drive into Vera House for my volunteer position, but by the time my shift was complete the sun was out and the roads were clear. I took darling daughter to work making a stop at the "thrifty" Store. Sorry no amazing SCORE! Just a little disappointing, but you cant win every time. After a quick leftover dinner of chili (which I made on Sunday).

 I was off to the YMCA for my Lowe's power tool demonstration.

Last month I attended a few of these classes offered FREE at the YMCA, and now that they have re-started the series I took advantage. Last evenings demo was on POWER TOOLS. Since I haven't followed up and taken care of my pluming from the last class I took, I'm not sure if this session will be beneficial, but I did learn a few things and I got to play with some POWER TOOLS.

We got to screw in a few screws, and even used a screw sleeve. We got to use a drill, and drill some holes.....

and finally we learned how to use the jigsaw. This had to be my favorite part. Just so you know, other then the demonstrator, this was an ALL FEMALE class. Several of these women know much more about power tools then I do. I assumed they were simply all just SCREW drivers with a punch.
Once the class completed, I met up with Tammy for some YOGA (Okay...just what the heck was that?)  My body does NOT move in that way. I learned quickly that I suffer from a flexibility disorder. Despite it all  I held my own, and feeling like I had not quite got in enough cardio after all those Warrior. Mountain and Dog positions, (screw that three legged dog) I took a very brisk walk/run on the treadmill before heading home. Hard to believe that less than a month ago I was struggling with my back pain and could barely walk with the girls on our monthly folksmarch and last night I was nearly running.