Sunday, January 26, 2014

Rosamond Gifford Zoo- Syracue, NY

Saturday after hockey...(did I mention I am playing floor hockey with a bunch of dudes on Saturday mornings at 7am?). I was surprised to find the boys awake and asked what plans they had for the day. Gavin asked about a zoo visit. A few weeks ago I had suggested this trip as they are currently running a winter month special of 1/2 priced admission and FREE admission with your camera. Since I am all about FREE, and I almost ALWAYS have my camera, I just couldn't pass this opportunity up so off we went.  The camera admission freebee has to do with the zoo's photo contest. If you see a picture here that you think I should submit please let me know.

It was an incredibly cold day, and there were not many people visiting with us, which was nice, but it made for a difficult time at some of the outdoor attractions. I did ask what animals were out and we were informed that the elephants were out currently but only for a short time. We made that our goal, but found with the wind and not being as prepared as we could have been that this truck out to the fields was not going to happen. We did stop at the penguins, and there were only two brave soles out making dives in the freezing waters.

It must have been pretty cold if the penguins were even to cold to say hello.
The ducks and a few other fowl were still hanging in there.

We did a quick look at the flamingo's housed nice and warm in their little shelter, before we headed into the buildings ourselves.

First stop the monkeys.
 The boys and I created dialogue for these guys and had fun making up things they might be saying.

These guys are always a ton of fun. This little guy I renamed Miley. He kept sticking his tongue out at me. I wish I could have caught a picture of this. He was still pretty cute.
He kept us all entertained for quite some time. His buddy was hanging on the ceiling or curled in a ball most of the time.

I found it hard to get pictures of these guys behind the glass. Mark is against the zoo, and although he will go with his family to visit, he disagrees with the premise of having wild animals locked up like this. It is so exciting to see them, but I do feel bad that this is the space these animals have to live in. Even our domesticated dogs have more room to move about. I try not to think about it.
 This lady was in where the baboons used to be. I don't know where they went to, but she was kind of creepy. (She is enjoying a rat for lunch)  Her 'boyfriend" was in another cage around the way. We were told they are trying to breed them. All I have to say is...why? I miss that big baboon!!
 This little guy was pretty cute. Kindof like out own little peanut.
Every time I see these guys I break out in a Lion King song. A cuna ma-ta-ta. (Spell check needed)
We caught a few more animals before we came on the lions.

I love these majestic beasts. They are so regal. They were clearly NOT liking being out in this cold weather, and we were told by some serious photographers (those with their tripods and fancy equipment out), that they were only to be viewed for one hour. Glad we go there just in time to see them.
Up next were those really really gross naked mole rats....there was also a terrible stink. I'm not sure if the smell was the open bird room or the bats...but pee-you!!

After the birds are the night animals. These included the sloths, the bats and these guys. I'm not sure what they were called.

Most of my pictures from these rooms were deleted as they were so blurred. No flash allowed and it was quite dark.

These were cool, but not my favorites. I am really NOT into reptiles. YUCK!

I did think these "busy" fellows were pretty interesting, although are frogs reptiles and does anyone want to try and figure out just what was going on here?

A few fun fish pictures before we headed back towards the exit and ran into a new (at least to us) exhibit.
This was the octopus. She was hiding and at first we walked past her, but noticed several people looking in and two zoo attendants speaking about her. (I think her name was Lucy). Lucy is having music pumped into her tank to see how she responds. I didn't see any changes in the time I viewed, but it was an interesting concept.
WOW what fun. Up next was a quick walk through the gift shop. (NO PURCHASES PLEASE).

We always have fun looking...and the boys had fun being silly.

Sunday I made it to church and had a nice bowl of my favorite soup broccoli cheddar from Wegman's with Tammy before I spent the rest of this very cold weekend in the house keeping warm.

Monday looks to be a busy day. TTFN