Monday, February 3, 2014

Fun with friends and cheers for SU!!!

Friday, my youngest had 1/2 day of school as well as having an Orange & Blue day to get pumped for the Syracuse University vs Duke game on Saturday. He was all ORANGE AND BLUE'd up and ready for the day.

After his 1/2  day we headed over to my friend Mindy's house and then out to a late cheap lunch at Ponderosa.
Mindy and I have been friends for over 20 years and met in the college summer program at Cazenovia. She fell in love and married my friend Carmen. They have two children Luke and Madalyn. Luke and Gavin have been friends all their lives. Its a great combination, and Mindy has Friday's off from work. We have done a few day trips here and there, but it had been awhile, so we had to get together.

We had discussed having a lite lunch at Subway for their $5- foot longs, but I found coupons for the Ponderosa and it made the most financial sense to go there. I think in total we paid $20-(including tip) for all five of us and we ate much more then subs.

The kids enjoyed eating tons of JUNK off the buffet, I enjoyed the French onion soup (minus most of the Onions) and the salad bar. I'll admit I had a few of their totally fattening chicken wings too.

After lunch we all hung out at her house catching up on things while the kids played some video games. It was great to spend some time with Mindy. We really need to do it more often.
Luke ended up coming home with us for a sleep over, and my friend Carol and her boys; Tyler and Steven, ended up coming over to our place for some x-box and basketball.

As they were waiting for a game to load the boys became tooo CRAZY with the balls in the house so they were banished to the outside. (They LOVED it, don't think this was a punishment). Basketball in the dark in the snow became the evening fun. Steven even played in shorts. Burr!!! They had a great time.

Carol and I enjoyed the time talking about where life has been taking us of late and I informed her about my employment dilemma. She's got plans to do another cruise. Someday we have got to try that. After Carol and her boys left, the kids and I got goofy making mini video's on a thing called vine. My daughter took the shots and we just were totally silly. Now I am forever out there in cyberspace looking like a goofball. Not that this was or shall be the last time.
Saturday was a catch up day for me and Mark. We got the dog to the dog park, laundry and clean up was taken care of (We now have a new toilet and an old one on the lawn out front). Grocery shopping was done, things were pretty much complete for the day, I headed off to do some crafts and then it was time for the SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY GAME!!!!

 Syracuse as I am sure like most college pride towns GOES ABSOLUTELY CRAZY over SU, and Saturday was no exception. There were signs everywhere, Orange and blue on everyone and everything. We were READY for this GAME!!! (we didn't go but caught it on tv) I understand it was the most people the dome has had ever.

If you didn't catch it, you missed one hell of a game. The entire game they played within points of one another, each basket was a nail biting edge of your seat anxiety attack, and just when the clock was counting down the seconds and I do mean seconds.....Duke scored!!! They were tied at the last milli-second. On to overtime. Those five minutes of overtime had the whole family nutzs. Gavin was the most anxious and revved up. First it was Duke, then it was SU and back again. Tic Tic Tic the clock went and finally we kept the spread just enough to take the game. WOW!!! I'm not a big sports fan but this was one game I'm glad I didn't miss it was BLOW YOUR MIND INTENSE!!!
Yeah!!! Go SU!!! On to bigger games.
Turned out to be a great beginning of the weekend. Sunday also brought on some GOOD friends and SOME MIND BLOWING Sporting events. Bring on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! Can you say...what was that? TTFN