Thursday, February 27, 2014

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse NY

Things this week has moved rather quickly. I worked today as well as yesterday, but after work yesterday I meet up with the girls to go to the comedy club Funny Bone for "Girls Night". These were the tickets we had obtained for free at the Heart/women event we attended earlier in the month.

The Club is located in Destiny Mall and although I did not realize before we got there they serve meals in addition to the comedy. The evening event was Ladies Night and all of the featured comedians were women.

This was the line up...

In our little party was Me, Renee, Doreen and Cathy. Doreen and Cathy have been bustin ass at the gym and it sure shows....DON'T THEY LOOK GREAT???????

Renee looks good too, but I failed miserably...

Must get my ass in gear!!! I so need a hair cut.

Anyways....we had seats right up in the front, so we were easy targets, but Doreen made us a target regardless. When the host Pam came out and asked if there were any celebrations tonight Doreen yelled, Yeah Renee's Birthday!!! Of course Renee FREAKED and admitted the TRUTH....NO ITS NOT!!! AS the story unfolded every time the host came out of stage she called us the Lying table...It was pretty funny.

Pam was the host and she was funny. Although she cussed more then EVEN I could tolerate (that is saying alot...made me think about my own trash mouth.) She did make me laugh however.

First comedian; Erin Rheel had me laughing like crazy....Why is it that what is true to ourselves so stinking funny. She made jokes about her weight, about cleaning, her relationship with "Dick" and I laughed because I can SO SEE MYSELF really doing some of the funny things this lady was talking about. What was even funnier was when she talked about SEX.... Look at her presentation and imagine this women talking about made it all the more funny! I think Cathy thought she was the funniest. (I wish I got candid pictures of the girls laughing)..

Next comic was Miss WandaLuv....This 48 year old women was killing me with her presence.

She talked about spanks with holes and runs in them. Keeping young and single mother hood. She kept it so real and funny. I laughed laughed laughed.....

The next comedian was Laurn Turkzak. Her style was a little dry and hard to get into, She was funny, but not that impressive. Some of her jokes struck me as negative as she talked about her husband having Parkinson's and how her Jewish heritage impacted her jokes. I know some people are very successful with these kinds of jokes, this women just couldn't really pull it off.........thats okay, because the featured comic Steph Tolve was HILARIOUS!!!

She had so much energy, at one point I was tearing up I was laughing so hard.  Great show. I found her on youtube, but when I tried to upload her here, it was unable to locate her in the browser. Sorry...
It was so nice to get out mid-week and it was such a CHEAP date night for us LADIES. After laughing and smiling, and laughing some more, the show finally ended and we headed for the exit, where we got FREE come back again for another LADIES NIGHT tickets in March....This time I might bring the Husband, or maybe another GIRLS night we had so much FUN!!! They had these same promo tickets at the show that we went to, so I am guessing that you could pick up some for yourself and simply call in reservations...they have a ton of rules for the FREE tickets, but it seemed so much simpler then they made it out to be on the phone. Tammy for example didnt come because it clearly stated that you must be seated all together or you cannot sit together, and she would not be able to get there until after 7pm. So she opted out. We had four seats right next to us so she could have easily got there to sit with us...I guess what I am saying is, you can possibly still get the deal despite all the rules they give you on the phone. There is a $3- fee for the seats, so it wasn't exactly FREE. $3- is a nice night in my book!
It was really fun! I love getting out and doing things, and with me spending so much time at work and last week with hours of NOTHING, it was so nice to get out. The weather despite being cold held off and we have been hit with the damn snow once again today.....It has really taken a toll on me emotionally and I am falling into a winter blues....nice to get out and laugh for a few hours with the girls. No work sched. in my future, so I am planning on getting my BUTT back to my work out routine tomorrow.  Til then TTFN