Sunday, February 16, 2014

Great Day at Sandy's Scrapin'

No trip today...but I did spend a magical fun filled day with my Close to My Heart friends and team "Hearts a Flutter". We have a unit meeting about every three months, and if I make it....that's usually when I start wishin that I was more on top of my CTMH business. I have been a consultant (although currently I am a jr.) for several years now and  I spark for a month or two,  loose my MOJO and fall behind, spark again at my next meeting and here I AM AGAIN...SEE THE SPARKS???? I want to make my business happen, but am not good at follow through. Like most things in my life I lack serious COMMITMENT! What has typically been the routine...I get psyched and go full force, have one set back or disappointment and KABAM it's all over (kind of like most of my things in my life). Now I am under the gun. If I want to stay with CTMH, then I must get my quota in by the end of March or I am out, longer a part of the Hearts a Flutter team. This happened once before...It SUCKED and I was quickly back on track. So here I am again and I have to PUSH it!! If you know of anyone interested in crafts...check out this recent personal favorite is the Studio J digital layout Wonder why the website didn't pop up. Another problem I have...Lack of technological awareness.
I love my team and we always have SO MUCH fun!!! So I want to continue to be a part of the team. I just am terrible about working the business. I ended up coming home last night and scheduling a party for next Sunday. I sent out 43 invites...I already have 5 possibilities. We shall see....but here was the meeting and all the fun we had.
 As it so happened we celebrated Sandy's birthday as well. Here is the cake Lara made for her. Isn't it amazing.
Here is Lara and Sandy. Happy Birthday girlie. She is doing much better medically. Hooray! I think I have blogged about these wonderful women before so I wont say much except that I continue to LOVE spending time being creative and having fun with these gals. Yet another reason why I cannot loose my status. 
 Kim. I met her at the Holiday party this past December and she is really kicking butt at her CTMH business, she had some great/fun cards to share. Enjoyed her talents.
 Sherry, I have not seen her in was so wonderful to connect and catch up. She appears to be doing well and reports she has a new home.
Phyllis is Sherry's mother and like Sherry I haven't seen her in years. She is a minister and has been very busy with doing the lords work. This keeps her away from all our CTMH fun. She and Sherry are such warm hearted ladies. Wish I spent more time catching up, but this was a BUSINESS meeting after all and we had work to do. 
We had a little card making time, before we got to the business part. The business part is when the guilt starts in... I haven't made one sale YET this year... I haven't even bought myself anything. WOW!!! Every time we look at the numbers I get a big feeling of "you suck" I think I have only been on the monthly achievement mentions once in the entire 6-7 years I have been a consultant. Another thing in my life to make a decision about. ON or OFF...
Behind Sandy is Ryan, she couldn't stay but came to visit before she headed off to work herself. 
We make it through the business aspect of things and's time for LUNCH. Saved by the stomach.  

It was so good and there was a ton of deserts and Sandy's birthday cake too. (diet totally BLOWN).
(these were some of the cup cakes I made for V-day, Jenny my neighbor made some too)

Several of the team members brought some of their art work to show, these are amazing. It helps me get inspired to get crafty myself. 

 Lara made these CTMH jewelry pieces.

Chris made this memory note book. All I can say is WOW!
Several of the ladies (not just those in the meeting) went on a retreat a few weeks ago to White Eagle (it is amazing, I haven't been in years...I will have to again soon) and they did a card swatch here are some of the cards they made.

(this one was another one made by Chris I am not sure who made the other two cards)

Kim made some great cards too, and I had to get some pictures they were so cute.

I am thinking that I never do cards for my girls which really limits my potential buyers...I might have to step out of my box. Speaking of box isn't that little tissue box just way to precious!!!! I must learn how to do that.

Decided that I might do a project for my girls from girls night and see if they are interested in making either a shadowbox or a flip album. This is Sandy's flip album and one of the cards I made at the meeting.
I was also thinking of presenting a project for all of us who went on the wine tour as a keepsake. Think that would be nice.
I am meeting with Sandy on Friday to explore some ideas. It should be fun.
After projects,  lunch, and  the business meeting we had some teaching classes. Both Kim and Judy taught cards with a trick. Kim's was the one above as well as a hidden secret card. Judy did the ray cards and fun flowers.

Its always a GREAT time, and I even purchased myself a Hearts a Flutter T-shirt, so I have to get my butt in gear if I want to stay on the team and wear my shirt.
Isn't my shirt to cool????
What a fun day!!! Sandy even got her stash on!!!

 The day has inspired me to at least get myself back on consultant status and keep my business going. Friday I'm off to Sandy's to do some last minute gathering projects and brain storm some ideas for two workshops for my girlfriends to do. Sunday is my CTMH party and I have been busy seeking out business with the idea book, and FB friends.

I spent today by first attending church. (Our minister was not there, I missed him.) reading the newspaper and gathering up coupons as well as making a menu plan for the week. Everyone is home this week so I will have to stretch the food budget to accommodate the school break. I worked on painting Gavin's room and not believing HOW MUCH SNOW we have been getting.

 Just about to find a nice soft spot to curl up and watch a little Walking Dead, before I hit the pillow. Nite Nite!