Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day and a Spa Evening at Pacific Health

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Thursday after all the blogging, I ventured out into the snow and picked up a few Valentines Day surprises for my family. I found Gavin one of those bed's in a bag for $22- and Lexi a zebra striped bean bag chair for $13-. (Steal of a deal) Gavin was NOT impressed. He's getting a brand new full sized bed, call me practical. They got some candy and I am making a PINK cake sometime today. Although I love my kids...Honestly Valentines day is about my sweetheart, the love of my life, the man that I married.
(this was my 44/365 photo shot for "conversation", I'm still working on this project and I have only fallen behind a few times. Today's word is Amore.)
 My mission was to get my husband something nice that he would like. I had got him two under armor shirts, like he was drooling over at the mall the other day, and he NEVER wants anything for himself so I had to break out a little cash for these ?stylish? form fitting sweat controlling name branded over priced T-Shirts. (did I sound a little sarcastic?) I think he will love them. Gavin got the best gift and I didn't even have to wrap it....he got a 2 hour delay this morning. If it keeps snowing he may get the ultimate before winter break gift NO SCHOOL. Here is just a glimpse of what were looking at today....(that mountain of snow on my plastic table has grown over the last week or so).
 (I posted a picture a few days ago looking out over the you cant even see over the railing)

I am sooooo sick of the snow!!! It just started snowing again, they may get their snow day yet....many of the area schools are already closed, but my son's school has eaten up all of it's days already and they are trying to prevent going into vacation days. It's all relative to me, and quite honestly I would prefer NOT to drive him in on a day like this anyways.
On to the fun stuff.....I blogged how my neighbor Jenny had invited me to her gym and then picked up some spa tickets right? Well last evening was SPA NIGHT!!!!!

We were broken up into groups of four and sent to three different stations. Jenny and I were teamed up with Jennifer and Michelle. (I did try to get a picture, Michelle refused...She and I met before at the YMCA, she no longer goes to the Y.)
First up was facials...

Barb, was the facial women and she uses all organic materials. I don't usually worry to much about that stuff, but it's good to know. Apparently however organic = expensive!!!!! $41- for a container of lavender lotion was a little to much although I have decided that it is a scent I MUST find elsewhere for cheaper!!!! I was amazed at how much the scent affected me in a positive way.

The facials was nice, I joked about some help with the excess skin I have magically grown along my chin line and if there was a cream to help remove that. Go figure....there is no such thing, but I can get a toner. I didn't even bother to find out how much that was. Something tells me my only hope for that is diet/exercise and SURGERY!!!
Up next was Yoga. Yoga was suggested by my husband. I need to work on my flexibility and use of my core muscles. Christy was the Yoga instructor and she was very nice. I explained that my awareness of yoga was "hard work", she quickly informed me that there are several types of yoga; yin and yang. Assertive and passive. Both are very beneficial for the body. We were doing the passive. Despite how passive, I struggled with getting into some of the poses. She even came over and adjusted my body so that my hips aligned with the floor. Oh how sad....what ever happened to me??? After about 10 minutes of stretching and bending we were breathing and I was completely RELAXED!!! It was SOOOOOO nice. To make it more nice, she gently came around and pulled at my legs, pushed at my shoulders, and gave a nice rub to my head with LAVENDER (this was my selling point, although she uses something other then the product sold by the facial lady). I was won over by the YOGA!!! I am going to spend some more time looking into this, and if it keeps snowing like it is I am hoping I can find a session on youtube because I AM NOT GETTING TO THE GYM TODAY. After the yoga I was talking to one of the employee's about how much I enjoyed the 15 minute session and she informs me that Pacific Health offers a FREE community service YOGA session every Saturday.....YOU DON'T SAY...and was that the Wendy BINGO word? FREE!!!

Woot Woot Woot!!!
Guess who will be checking this out. I am also going to revisit the YMCA schedule for Yoga classes. The last one I took was extremely difficult for me, not that I wouldn't do it again, but I would like to expand my awareness.

In between session, we munched on veggies and chocolate dipped strawberries.  Yummy! Of course my first bite into a strawberry caused a red mess down my shirt. I was so feeling like a spa failure.....can't bend in yoga, turkey neck facial, and now messes with the berries. Thank God for the finale and my absolute FAVORITE part of the evening. THE MASSAGE!!!
This had to be the best part of the night. Glad it was the last thing we did. I have not had a massage since my 39th birthday and we wont say how long ago that was. This was incredible. What I liked the best is the last time I didn't really have any areas that I needed attending to this time I knew right away that my lower back was my problem area. My masseuse was Genette. Jenny had Joshua the "hot" male masseuse. Genette was great!!! She was just rough enough to hit the spots and gentle enough to make me relax. I walked out of there ready to lay down the dough for a full hour session.....Unfortunately the special of the evening was sold only in three's. Three facials at $50- per or three massages at $55- per massage (which is actually a good deal), but I don't have 3x $55- right this minute. I learned that they offer the same priced couple's packages on Wednesday and Thursday and you only have to buy two. The nice thing is you can use the spa and gym for the full day that you have your spa day. Maybe I could convince Mark of a day just for us???
Jenny spent some money on a few items and she also bought herself one of the massage packages. Thank you Jenny for the invite and taking me!!!!

We had an absolutely amazing time!!! I so enjoyed the RELAXATION!!!

She was so sweet to invite me!!! AND WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! She GAVE ME ONE OF HER SPA DATES!!!!

I was so surprised and so honored!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I will have to repay in BABYSITTING!!!! I am so stoked, but will definitely have to come up with something special to give her. That was incredibly sweet!!!! Great night!!! Great fun!!! and GREAT Friends!!!!