Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not much happening here....

Wednesday the males in my house slept til at least 1pm. I did some salvation army drop off's and easily found some items to replace what I just rid in the store attached. They were all gifts however and only one thing will be remaining in this house. I found a desk fan for my son and he in turn sold it to his sister for $5- whose kid is this, what a scam artist. I didn't get a penny back of the $2- I spent on the item in the first place. I guess Lex will survive, she payed her older brother $50- for a $550- flat screen tv. Must be my scammen genetics...yikes. Wait a minute...that must also mean I am a sucker to buy or sell at those prices....I guess it all evens out. I spent the rest of Wednesday completing the painting of my youngest's bed room and cleaning up. Wish I had taken pictures of it with the bunk beds, the single bed and a before picture, but this is what I got. This used to be Nick and Ben's room long before it became Ben and Gavin's room. Now it is really just Gavin's room, with Ben's stuff in it. Ben agreed he really doesn't need a specific bed room since the boys camp out in the living room most of the time he's here anyways.

 Dinner was a quick crock pot meal I left just for Mark as I had to work in the evening. It smelled yummy all day, yet he never ate it and it sat in it's bubble of juices and gravies all day and night. He and Gavin went to the mall, Gavin had to spend his scamed $5- and his allowance money (which somehow I think I got scammed out of as well) and we had a $25- gift card to Chili's so they had a late lunch/dinner.
Work was an easy 4 hours. I do like coming in and covering it keeps me in touch with my counseling which I love, while it continues to solidify why I am no longer working at it full time. Nearly everyone I spoke to in not so many words made mention of just how OVERWORKED they are, even two new people I had not previously met and of course I had to introduced myself too. I scheduled myself for several days in the next week. Really working towards staying on the CTMH team and need to make some extra money. I'm working Sat, Sun Wed, and Thursday. This should keep me busy and put some cash in my pocket. $300.00 in sales looks like it could be a reality and I am placing a planned project order in today which totals out to be about $70- . Now I only have to sell $230- by March 31st. It can happen and more. Just gotta get my butt moving.
This whole vacation has been pretty dull and today is the ONLY day I have nothing scheduled...I am hoping that my family (my hubby and youngest anyways) wants to go and do something outdoors. It has been the warmest we have had in months and the sun is out...we NEED to get out!!!
Written later in the day...

Well, Mark and I made it out to the dog park and took a stroll along Onondaga Lake Park.
I took some outdoor pictures and had some fun with photo shop.

What did you think of my photos?
I had plans to go to Beaver Lake or go to the Winter festival in Down Town Syracuse with my neighbors, but this never happened. I ended up going through some old stuff and cleaning house of old items in the basement. We never even made it to the Y, but it's still early.  Sorry not much to enjoy today, but til next time.