Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend roundup: Friends, Work, Happy Birthday Mary, Destiny Mall, CTMH and MORE WORK!!!

Pretty SLOW with regards to TRAVEL this weekend. Friday,  I made it to my medical appointment and followed up with my sleep study. The final results are borderline. I apparently stopped breathing 4xs over the course of the night, enough to be concerned, but possibly NOT enough for the insurance company to be concerned. The Dr. is submitting a request to the insurance company and we will see if it warrants a machine. So sad that we live in a time when insurances make the decisions about if one should or should not get the appropriate health care.
I guess I am relieved to some degree that continuing to work on my eating and health could be enough to keep me free of complications in this area, now on to the next medical issue....I suppose.
After my appointment I took the boys to Mindy's house for a play date.....We all hung out at Mindy's. I brought pizza and a small chocolate cake for Mary's B-day!!!

The boys and Maddy played and played and played while the mom's; Me Mindy and Mary caught up with one another's lives.

I had originally intended on meeting up with Sandy for some scrapbooking plans for Sunday, but knew that Mary would not be able to attend on Sunday, and possibly not Mindy too,  I opted out to see the girls instead.

We sang Happy Birthday to Mary and ate JUNK!!! Before we knew it it was time we wrapped it up and headed home just about time to make dinner plans. Mindy made some plans to take an over night trip to PA in March when the kids have a day off on a Friday. It will be fun just to get a mini-vacation and away from the house. I'm excited about it.
Friday evening I went and picked up some Wegman's subs for dinner. (They are the BEST) and had a visit from Carol and her boys. She and I did some catching up and discussed life..The boys played x-box and Mark went off to bed. (I didnt even think to grab my camera)
Saturday I was up and off to work at the inpatient. Easy 8 hours. I got home, and the boys were off to Destiny mall to catch the new LEGO movie.

There they go...this time they didn't even slow down and wait for us, I had to chase them with my boys..

This going to the movies by themselves thing has really caught on. Mark and I decided on a nice couples dinner at Ruby Tuesdays..(I had a coupon and they have a salad bar).

Mark will no longer let me take pictures of him and his food and he gets mad if I take pictures of my own, so unless we are at some obscure non-national chain type restaurant (or our first time at) or some odd food like octopus is on our plate, I am going to work hard at respecting his wishes as we sit down for a nice meal.
I had the salad bar and broccoli soup. I was FULL and it was YUMMY!
The mall was packed and all of the eateries with bars were full to the top with patrons watching the SU game. They lost for the first time the other night and they lost to DUKE on Saturday as well. Bummer!! Mark and I took our time strolling the mall halls making note of prices, people and commenting on things that strike us as interesting, funny and even downright HUMOROUS. Last weekend apparently there was a stabbing at the mall, so the security was bummed up x 12.We joked about the mall police who seemed to be everywhere HOLDING up the walls. We laughed at the red suited individuals with their walkie talkies and ear plugs as they tried to look 'threatening" They looked more like the ushers at the movie theater to me. Three "Paul Blarts" as Mark put it, all bald were in one area near the food court. I nearly fell over laughing as he discussed the scene, "apparently they all went to the same barber". Sadly this is how we humor ourselves. Both in need of caffine, and ANTI starbucks, the ONLY coffee spot in the food court , we headed to Dunk and Doughnuts, a ways down in the mall. As we walk we run into a confrontation occurring..... Not a single mall red suited walkie talkie to be seen, but two women with at least five young children surrounding them are yelling, cursing and screaming at one another...we didn't stay to see things just proves how crazy things are. We further observe the craizness of today.  Two young women together in line with us, cell phone in hand and fingers on text proceed to have a conversation that goes something like this. "Did you know today is National Margarita Day?"  "No really....we should so be in Mexico right now." Silence...texting continues.....laughter "Hey guess was the day Marty Mcfly went to in the back to the future movies."  "WOW...really". Not once did either girl life their head from their phone to engage in eye contact with each other and only looked up to retrieve their drinks. What a different world. On our return trip the conflict had ceased, but there were no security in the area. My guess is it had ended on it's own.
Just another interesting day at the mall.

 Sunday was my CTMH gathering. I am working on my quota and presented Studio J.

Some of my dear friends made it to the party. This was the make and take we did. Cute isn't it.

It has been so long since I have presented my CTMH business, that I actually enjoyed myself. It really makes me yearn to get back on top of it. Of course these ladies; Tammy, Mindy and Cricket, make it all so much easier.. they are already hooked on the product. I simply have to recharge their juices and mine too. I think it worked. We all enjoyed the craft fun and both Mindy and Tammy really liked playing with Studio J.  Jenny also came over later in the day. I showed her some studio J and helped her play with the computer program. She has some ideas that I can help her with.
I had to rush everyone out at 4pm to get myself to work. Got some more time in at the Rehab. I covered evening visitations. It's an easy few hours, and I was able to engage in some counseling with a parent struggling with some co-dependency issues. It's days like that bring me back to my element and remind me why I did/do what I did/do.
Sunday night I got home just in time to catch The Walking Dead before the bed was calling to end the long day.
Today has produced some hours at Vera House, some grocery shopping, some banking and now I am about to submit the orders I got from yesterdays gathering. TTFN