Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 Wits and some more Funny Bone

Last Sunday we made our way to Destiny Mall. The boys were interested in trying out the new entertainment location called 5 Wits.
Just before entering the TOMB!

 We had noticed the place a few weeks back and it appeared interesting. I took this from an article I found " based out of Massachusetts, is trail-blazing an entirely new category of themed entertainment by placing guests in a controlled environment that is truly immersive. Based on choices they make and their puzzle solving skills, there are different outcomes based on how well the group works together to achieve a common goal." In my own words, it is a video game come to life. Originally our plan was to send the boys in and meet them later. Fortunately or unfortunately depending how you look at it, adults had to go with them, so we all went. I am actually glad we did, it was quite entertaining.

The boys choose The Tomb adventure over Espionage.

Much like a tomb raider we entered the dark tomb we were soon told was cursed. Not that a dark ancient Egyptian tomb with Mummies isn't creepy enough, lets make it cursed too. Gavin was so funny, he was pretty convinced the tomb doors were going to close and immediately ran at them like he was going to stop it. NOOOOOO! The room was dark except for our flash lights...but soon they started to flicker out. Complete DARK!
Suddenly the Cursed Pharaoh was giving us directions and testing our abilities. I never saw Gavin and Ben move so quickly as they searched for levers and hidden disc's in the Hieroglyphics along the walls.

Just one more left and the clock was ticking. HURRY!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! We made it. Now on to the next test.
 Match the hidden objects found in each hole.

 Almost there...
Last one....Success!!!
On to the next test. Align the images to open the passageway door, but make it quick.

We tried EVERYTHING and could not solve the puzzle. TIME WAS ENDING and SUDDENLY THE CEILING WAS COMING DOWN ON US!!!!

 Hurry!!!! (Do you see the ceiling coming to CRUSH us?)
 WE FAILED!!!! Unable to unlock the code we were given another chance and NOT crushed. (I'm not sure if we simply could not solve the puzzle or if there is NO answer, it was very difficult and we all tried it with NO luck, each combo failed.)
We made it to the tomb and found the Mummy!!

Just a few more puzzles to solve in this room and the cruse will be lifted.
We did it....the mummy became exposed...but we still needed to send his sole to the heavens.

Just one last trick and he was FREEEEEEe!!!!

Here is a youtube video of the adventure I found, this one was from the Boston's 5 wits.

It was GREAT fun. I am glad we couldn't just sent these guys in on their own because I had so much fun. It was a little expensive, but fun for the family. We really had to work together as a team.

So far the week itself has been uneventful. I did a the needed things like grocery shopping etc. and yesterday I went to an all day training for FREE on HIV and Addictions. Thank you FREE 6.5 hours, but also thanks for the education. I actually learned a few things and enjoyed myself. To bad I couldn't get paid to attend training. The nice thing about attending training's at sites other then your work place is you get to NETWORK as well as run into people you have not seen in a while. Now I did not run into anyone I already knew, but did meet some new people including one of my co-workers husband and once director of my current place of employment. It also expanded my ideas on potential venues for an educational curriculum. I am not talking about the HIV course I am far away from having a true awareness on that topic to ever (well maybe not never) teach that, but perhaps a re-cert course on the DSM 5. This new diagnostic book has been released and there is a whole new set of addiction diagnosing criteria. What a great course to present. Thinking I must get on that right away.....regardless, I had a nice day at the training had lunch at Brooklyn Pickle. If your ever in the Syracuse area make sure you stop at the Brooklyn Pickle for lunch ( there is one located on Brunet Ave and also one on W. Genesee St. )

.... I LOVE THAT PLACE!!!  Its been a been a long time since I had one of their yummy sandwiches. Mark says he's never been, what is wrong with this guy?? One more place to remember to take him. Speaking of taking my Husband places, he has NEVER been to see a live comedy show before either so I just had to drag him to the Ladies Night at Funny Bone. I still had my tickets for FREE admission from the last show and what a GREAT DATE NIGHT...

Last time I took pictures without my flash, but this time I was told specifically NO PHOTOS by the usher... Sorry I didn't get pictures. Bummed me out. I might have taken some anyway...(cuz I'm a rebel like that, and the announcer did say NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY not NO PICTURES) but Mark gets so upset when I am constantly clicking I respected his wishes. We had some food this time. It wasn't bad, but I am pretty positive that people do not come to Funny Bone to eat. Buffalo chicken wings and fries are good at most places regardless, but these were on the low end of average in my opinion. Of course we did not come to eat we came to laugh and Mark has been so uptight lately he NEEDED to laugh.
Unfortunately I do not have the names of the line up, but there were a total of 5 female comedians and the host. She was the same women from the last time. I enjoyed her comical intermissions between acts. A few of the women were pretty funny. I enjoyed the young women who joked about coming out with her gay brother and how they made jokes about their straight brother and majority rules. The "nice one" feminist atheist from Auburn, NY was pretty funny. I especially enjoyed Ana Phillips (I got her name from the website) she had me tickled. Mark and I are forever playing payday pimpin!!! The featured comedian was Selena Coppock and she was hilarious. Youtube video of Selena

I think I laughed the most at her jokes.  It was once again a FUN night out and who can't resist laughing your butt off at a Comedy Club for FREE!!! ($3- fee for processing). Mark and I discussed the last "date" we had been on and he clams it was at Pat and Anne wedding on New Years Eve 2012-2013.... Long time ago. Guess we better step it up. He did enjoy himself at his first live comedy show, glad I got to be a part of it. We got more FREE tickets to the next show in April, but I think we may be busy in DC during the scheduled date.....YEP!!! We have been making our Spring Break vacation plans and its a pretty good bet we will be spending some time in out Nations Capital.....Today I am taking Lyndon in for an oil change, making a few calls, checking into my availability to assist my volunteer job and cleaning the house. My mother in law is coming on Saturday so we have some activities planned for the weekend. Until then TTFN