Monday, March 10, 2014

Again...with the Mary Kay, Smokey Bones and PartI: Rochester, NY

(George Eastman)
I think we were all feeling stuck inside these last few weeks so a plan was made to get OUT of town this weekend. After some discussion, it was decided that Sunday we would visit my Husband's college town of Rochester, NY.
 Saturday I spent the morning with Tammy. She had somehow engaged herself in a Mary Kay party and asked if I would come along. Never to disappoint a friend, I went in the promise of a FREE continental breakfast and the hope that I would win a PRIZE. The breakfast was a few sconces and fruit, but hey I got some FREE food and it was healthy too. Plus Tammy bought me a D&D coffee for coming with her. I don't mean to sound to sarcastic about these things, I do after all sell my own home products, so I know how important they are, but I have survived some 40+ years without buying any MaryKay products, chances are I can make it another 40+ or so just fine. Additionally, if I am going to buy anything I would hit up my friend Kari (the party I went to a few months back).
Might as well make the best of it...and I SURE did!

I played the games...and scored BIG tickets. (I even called myself the ticket WHORE) the women laughed, but I think the 77 year old sales lady was unsure what to think of me.

Tammy and I both won PRIZES!!!

I won GREEN mascara, and an eyelash curler!!! I can wear my GREEN in a few weeks for St Patricks day.
We both got 1/2 face facials. Yes I thought this was a little weird. We only scrubbed and cleaned 1/2 of our face. Apparently this is so we can feel and see the difference. I am not totally sure if there was a difference or if I was simply imagining that my left side drooped slightly from my right.

We also got gift bags. I LOVE GOODIES! Tammy purchased a few items, and even though I gave her the evil eye...she did discuss the potential for selling herself. I used that as my out, stating I was going to wait to explore a purchase until Tammy made a decision to become a consultant herself. Whew....dodged that bullet. Now Tammy's taking it. Not that I am against home business's (I am the Queen after all) I am a little concerned about if she is thinking this through. At least she didn't sign on the dotted line today.

We did look pretty once we were complete in our make up. Originally I thought we were heading to FREE yoga after the makeovers, but Tammy was not prepared, and the FREE breakfast was NOT what we had expected and we were both hungry.So we went to Zebb's. I had the soup and salad combo, and Tammy had some really big YUMMY chicken club sand.

After lunch we discussed some shopping, but it was already much later then I had hoped so we made our way home. She has been struggling with her lemon of a car since she bought the thing a few years ago, and we got stuck at the exit light as we were leaving due to her clutch. I went home to my family, and she went to buy a new car. She called me about 7pm reporting she was coming over to show me what she bought. I had no idea what she was talking about and I was expecting to come out to see a tiki bar sticking out of her trunk. (She had informed me earlier that she wanted this tiki bar from the Christmas Tree Shop, which was were we had discussed shopping earlier in the day but hadn't). I was shocked to see her in a band new car. YOU GO GIRL!!! Glad she will be in a safe car from now on.
The boys requested that their friends Steven and Tyler come over to play, so that became the plan as I am friends with their mother; Carol, we would all have some company. We had a few hours before she could come over so we spent the afternoon cleaning, Mark and I got the bed for Gavin, (it should be delivered sometime this week). He and I discussed the idea of a new living room set. We have been going over changing things around in the house for a few months now. We currently have a living room, where the main tv and game systems are, a computer room/office which should be a dining room, and a den area which currently hold my dining room table and has been the dining room area for several years now. Mark and I have discussed the idea of returning the dining room to it's original purpose (I want to replace the floors first, but all in good time) and making the den area a den. He originally wanted to make this "our" room, and get a few recliners for us to watch tv, use the computer, and relax. The thing is, I host several of my gathering's and parties back there. If we have a few recliners, where will people sit or do projects? Thinking the dining room. Yes this works but the kids all hang out in the living room which is OPEN to the dining room, we would have absolutely NO PRIVACY whats so ever and the NOISE would be a nightmare. Re-thinking.....which made us re-think the purchase of two new recliners. Back to square one. Bed for child done, and NO additional debt to take on right now either. That is the most important in my opinion anyways.
It's funny how much I complain about money and not ever having enough, but then we EAT out almost ALL the time, and I did do my bi-monthly grocery shopping on Friday afternoon. BTW I saved over $88-. Love that!
This is a luxury I do not think I can get my family or myself to tear away from. We simply LOVE food!!! We decided to have a nice dinner out at Smokey Bone's and guess what? I had a $10- off coupon so I feel somewhat justified...and it was delicious!!!

Gavin had the ever popular BBQ dish of bacon burger, Ben also kept the BBQ plan with a Turkey club. (do you note the sarcasm), at least his Turkey club had a BBQ mayo. Notice they do not look up from the GAME systems. I am surprised they stopped to eat.

Mark had a more traditional BBQ of pulled pork, brisket, mashed potatoes, corn and country toast. I had a pulled pork sammy with french fries. YUM!

Never do we walk away from Smokey Bones still hungry or unsatisfied. YUMMMMMM!!
We spent the evening waiting for friends to come over. Tyler did and the boys had a good time. We watched Paul Blart Mall Cop. Tyler's birthday was Sunday. We will need to get him a card. Happy Birthday Tyler!!!
I would have enjoyed some time with Carol, but I was tired anyways and fell asleep pretty early for a Saturday evening.
As many know Sunday we lost an hour...I hate daylight savings time, so heading to bed early was a good thing. I don't know about you but it never seems to affect me until Monday.

 We were up and out the door heading towards Rochester, NY by 9am (8am in actual brain time). Rochester is mid-way between Buffalo and Syracuse and approximately an hour and 1/2 from our home.

 Rochester was home to George Eastman of the Kodak company, RIT and Rochester University.  Fredrick Douglas, and Susan B. Anthony are both known to have resided there and are buried there as well.
 Mark spent four years attending college at University of Rochester, I took my CASAC exam there as well as some training, and we have all gone to visit the Strong Museum of Play. (If you  have little kids and are in the area it is highly recommended and TONS of fun!!) Other thing the area are places like Sea Breeze amusement park, and The Finger Lake's race course (now a race-cino). Go south from Rochester and your in the heart of the Finger Lakes wine country. Good location for keeping busy, and the visit this time was no different.

Mark intended to show us a little of his old home, so we were off to The University of Rochester. He showed us his old dorms, the science buildings the classrooms, local hangouts and the like.

 The nipple of Knowledge.

I thought these two items were a little different from things I saw in my college days. Water bottle fill stations and Gender Neutral restroom. 

 It was all very beautiful campus and apparently the kids are on Spring Break so we didn't have to many people bumping into us. Above Mark reported used to be where he made Sandwich's for some extra cash.

We even got out to tour the campus on foot. He was not impressed with the blending of old and new, and he commented that several things added were not there when he attended (nearly 20 years ago). I thought they did a nice job of keeping the school charm while adding the new advanced culture of todays college student.

The boys were most impressed with the TUNNELS. There are a host of tunnels that connect underground from one building to another. There are some new tunnels; shown above with bathroom access, emergency phones, and water fill up stations as well, but the older ones are quite different, but interesting in their own right.

These are the tunnels Mark remembers.

This tunnel opened up into the court yard. We found the School Center, as well as George Eastman himself. Apparently he is ready for Spring Break with his bikini and everything. George donated many dollars to U of R!!!

We headed back towards the library, crowned with the "nipple of knowledge". I never stopped to really look at building architecture and design until I started focusing on my photography skills. This old building had a lot of character, so I allowed my camera skills to play. (still have work to do I'm afraid, but I'm getting there.)
Once  inside, the boys were on a mission to get to the tippy tip top. We all just started up as many stairs as we could find.

We unfortunately ran into a dead end. (Professors offices) but I got a good work out and we caught these Greek Gods/Godess's waiting in the hall for us to ascend upwards.

It was getting close to lunch time, and we still had 1/2 the day to enjoy so we headed back to the car and hit Downtown Rochester heading towards The Rochester Museum of Science.