Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Post Memorial Day; Spinning Wheel/Surf City N. Syracuse NY

I am hoping your Memorial Day was busting with new memories, while you were remembering those who have served for our country. Happy Memorial Day.

We avoided the picnics, watch fires, parades, and other such Memorial Day traditions and started out this Spring/Summer season with a THEME PARK.
Friday night was non-eventful. TV time, some crafting in my woman cave as Mark calls it, and an early bed time.
Saturday we were up and ready for some fun at a place in North Syracuse called The Spinning Wheel. Well, actually the Spinning Wheel is the restaurant/banquet area, we were heading to Surf City the fun play place right next door. (Not 100% sure if the two are affiliated with one another).
The play place offers, mini-golf, go-carts, batting cages, bouncy houses, an arcade and a few other assorted fun things enjoy. Ben and Gavin decided on the Bouncy House's and The batting cages.

The boys had the place to themselves and they were totally loving it. They have several packages and the boys had decided on; both bouncy houses and Ben wanted the batting cages while Gavin wanted the gravity ball. The bouncy house was for an hour, several throws at the cages and one ride of the gravity ball.

 The bill was about $20- I didn't think that was to bad, and although the gravity ball was later put on CLOSED due to repairs, Gavin totally enjoyed the batting cages instead and Mark found an extra token on the ground.

Batter up!
We rounded out a late afternoon with a meal at Zebb's. Always one of my favorites.

I got the soup and salad combo. My Zebb's favorite.
The rest of Saturday was relaxed. I went with Renee to one of her friends house,  made it to church service as I knew I was not going to be around on Sunday, and the family all spent the rest of the night watching tv. Sunday was the big day and we had to get some rest in before we left. A THEME PARK WAS IN OUR FUTURE!!!!