Friday, May 23, 2014

Keeping things on the low.

Initial plans would have had us at a campground in Western NY right now, but instead we are here in central NY in the dreary darkened day overcast with RAIN.
After letting the pups out, (my normal routine), I noticed that Riley was just a bit more focused on the back fence then normal. At first I couldn't tell what his issue was, but when I viewed out the window, which gave me a view of the neighbor fence I saw it. There on the neighbors fence was a possum.
 I totally get why they call it playing possum...this guy NEVER moved the entire time we were out and it was another 20-30 minutes before he moved after that.
Cool, but creepy. It looks like he has a wound on his head in this enlarged photo. Poor guy has no where to go. There are DOGS on every side of this strip behind our house. I wouldn't be surprised if he got his scrap from one of them.
I hit up the grocery store early with the hopes that maybe we could take Gavin's school day off to venture to the woods for a hike or something, but rain changed these plans. I love saving on my grocery bill and this trip was no different.  Here is $200+ in groceries.
I paid $120-. Best score was 50 cents on Dog Food. I am not nearly as skilled as those Extreme couponers seen on tv, but I never have purchased 100 bottles of mustard either. There is at least 8 days of meals there and lunch for our trip to the Theme Park tomorrow. (We are off on an adventure Saturday).

Today became a perfect day to lay low with my son and watch movies, dance to the 80's and blog. We had already rented (FREE) the move Super 8 the night before, so it was perfect for movie time. Its an older movie about an Alien and kids who save the town  It was okay, great effects.

 After my last evening shift this week, I decided I miss my family much to much to keep working those crazy hours and regrettable wish I had not agreed to do another one in the next few weeks. It is amazing how out of whack you become when you change up your routine from not working and  go to work. I spent Thursday catching up on the cleaning and made an entire day of it. (The house still looks far from where it should be). My oldest son had fixed a broken sprayer in the kitchen sink on Tuesday and I am hoping he will spend more days this summer helping with these Honey Do lists.

It has been broken for at least 6 years. It took Nick all of 30 minutes.  Yeah Nick!
I have been good about managing my eating this week and have lost a few pounds. My attempt at better eating...

 I have several pounds to go, but I am really focusing. I made it to yoga twice this week and did some Zumba too. Keep on Keepin on.

In addition to looking at some more changes in my physical shape, I have been doing some more soul searching about career and submitted an application for a position that appears to be a nice match for my skills and different from what I had been doing. Hopeful for a least an interview although I do not plan to return to work until September or October.
At any rate, I wish I was telling stories of trips I am on right now and not stuck on the EVERYDAYS of my life as unexciting as they currently are. My mother for example just returned from an amazing week in Paris. Her travel log is not a picture of her incredibly boring lunch....but I have to remind myself.