Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week Update on the Fly!!!

This past week has been quite busy. Monday was spent re-adjusting to the week of vacation we had the week before. I had several things to take care of, some shopping needed to be done. Lexi needed a ride to work. My eldest son stopped by to say hello. It was surprisingly busy for a Monday. Tuesday I was off doing the morning routine when Lexi reminded me that she had her exams and would need a ride. We went to the test only to find she had missed it. It was suppose to be Monday. Upset but relieved (as she was not as prepared as she could be), we rescheduled for the end of May and contacted my Mother to inform her that she would not need to pick Lexi up. Instead we went to lunch for my Mom's birthday. These pictures are from my phone. 

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Wednesday and Thursday I was scheduled for another FREE OASAS training. This one was on Trauma Informed Care. This was a great training. I enjoyed the opportunity to attend. I also picked up a few more hours for work in the next few weeks. Which is nice. I meet some new people, spoke with some old friends and found that it is entirely possible that I might need to do an internship to meet the license requirements(bummer). But  I walked away more knowledgeable, (not to mention another 12 hours towards my re-credentialing). On Wednesday after speaking with the women who took my old position (which by the way is NOW so much easier, she has one group that meets once a week...not three times and not nearly as crazy..NO...I AM NOT BITTER!!!!! NOT NOT NOT!!!!) She is also seeking her licence and reported that she has to do another internship..she is using her current job...not bitter nope....working on accepting where I am.....anyway when I was done speaking with her about it I was struggling with the fact that after 15+ years in the field I may have to do an internship. Honestly I was having a terrible time moving from that reality. At this point I do not know that for sure, I will need to meet with my former adviser and find out, but at that moment I had already decided that I was indeed looking at having to do Thursday I was in a better space. I decided that regardless if I do or don't I will make the best of it and keep pushing forward. It was also nice to spend some time talking with some women in the field who offered some supportive words and encouragement. One women gave me some inspiration about where I  was in my life noting the importance of being aware that what I was doing was not healthy for me or anyone. It's nice to be reminded of that.  I often  feel like I should be back at work regardless of what it was doing to me or my clients and it's hard to remember why I left in the first place. After the training and by the days end I was actually feeling INSPIRED and MOTIVATED again. Lets hope this lasts.
Friday was spent enjoying some of my favorite people doing some of my favorite things. Sandy had an all day Hearts a Flutter Craft date.

Sandy, Kate, Lara, Judy and Christine were in company. I spent some time creating my smash book. I have decided to create Desire, Dream & Do book for myself. This will be in part a memoir of my life, but also be a motivation for me to go after my goals. I have identified things that I want to do from this book called You can Do it. It has things like do yoga and nutrition to learn how to scuba dive or write a book. I am really inspired to head forwards with this. The book has specific directions/steps, and at the end you give yourself patches like the girl scouts. I just think it will be fun and motivating. Life is simply TOO short and I want to DO DO DO!!!

Friday evening Gavin announced that Tim Green was going to be at the local Barnes and Nobbles and that he wanted to go. I was unaware that this was a tribute to the local Liverpool Librarian who was killed last year in a brutal rape/murder.  Lori Berenson was a librarian at one of the elementary school in the area. As she was leaving gymnastics with her daughter a man on Probation kidnapped she and her daughter. Her daughter was raped and she was killed. It was a horrific event, that will forever cast a shadow over our community. The school district held this event in her honor.
The school district had multiple nominated books and donations offered and a profit of every purchase went towards the school district.

Books were read to the kids.

Of course Gavin picked out one of his Walking Dead Vinyl Pop's.

We  had starbucks coffee and hot coco. Finally they began their tribute to Lori. We stayed for a short time as they read dedications and offered community support. We also listened to Tim Green speak. He was s football player for those of us....myself included who didn't know. He also went to Liverpool Schools, was friends with Lori, and wrote a book. Initially Gavin had hoped to get his autograph, but it became to crowded and crazy we listened for a while and decided to go home.

What a nice tribute to a women whose life passion was to get children to read.
Saturday I was off at 9am Garage Sailing!!!! Tammy, Allie, Gavin and I SCORED with some great bargains. The threatening rain kept many people away, as we headed to a local area annual neighborhood sale. (there is another next week...but I have to work). Anyways...Here are some of the GREAT finds I got.

WOW! I got 7 articles of clothing; beautiful, in great condition, brand names, some with the tags still on it..for $12-. I also found an Oswego State Sweatshirt for cheep!

This beauty I got for $5. I can't wait to see it in my dining room...That will someday become my dining room.

How about curtains to match. This was bundled with the sweatshirt. In total I spent $4-

Gavin found bongo's, two cameras..(one is not working as well as we had hoped) and wall clinging for a total of $13-. We all felt like we had triumphed. In hind sight I would have left the camera's and bought more clothing, but it's all good. Gavin has already enjoyed his camera, and I think we might try and pawn the other one. (anyone interested in a Powershot A70? They are selling them on e-bay for $60-$100). I feel like I ran around most of Saturday. Lexi worked the day shift. I dropped her off and picked her up. Driving around looking for garage sales...I made a trip to the library to return the geo-caching machine..we took the dogs to PetSmart and bought Riley a new very expensive walking collar....and I ran out for other needed items twice. I had my share of small trips for one day. The evening was spent crossing fingers that Hubby's horse took a win at the Kentucky Derby. Winner California Chrome

His ran second..he still won $ for the we can all smile!!!
I should be attending church this morning, but the boys and I are attending some Comic book...con??? something another in the city....I am not sure of the title as of yet, but Gavin is super hyped! It should all be very interesting. With that, let me say....May the force be with you as you perhaps celebrate STAR WARS DAY today.

Til next time. TTFN!