Thursday, June 5, 2014

A day in Sunny Oswego, NY

My last post was on WHY I was in Oswego, NY. because honestly most people do not see Oswego NY as a dream destiny vacation spot. Mostly Oswego is known for the drinking....some more drinking, just a little bit more drinking...and oh yeah, Harborfest which is really just drinking on a boat.
Regardless of Oswego's reputation, it is actually a beautiful historical city intersected by the Oswego River and bordered by Lake Ontario.
My daughter joined me on this "business" trip and we could not have asked for a more wonderful day. After some google searching on what to do in Oswego, I found two places only open on Thursday through Saturday, the college as a thing to do, and finally the Maritime Museum.

We decided on the H. Lee White Marine museum, and after my meeting at the college we headed in that direction.

When we got there we were informed that it opened at 1pm, we still had about another hour and lunch seemed appropriate. The nice gentleman at the museum directed us to some local favorite eateries for lunch.

At that time, the intention was to return to the Museum. Plans changed as the day progressed. There are several fast food places as well as some local eateries in the village along Bridge St. but we wanted something along the shoreline. We followed the route back past the college and at the next rt, a road took us directly to the front doors of Rudy's.
Rudy's is right on Ontario Lake and offers EVERYTHING FRIED!!!
Lexi and I did a Fried smorgasbord of eating delights.

It must be a pretty popular place as it was packed. It is an order and find a spot kind of place that although the food was delicious finding seating was a struggle. There was plenty of places outside, but the wind and the temperature was still a little much for outdoor eating.  
We shared fried clams, chicken tenders, french fries and FRIED pickles.

Not sure about the pickles.
After lunch I wandered over to the shoreline and walked a bit along the rocky shore. Each and every rock was rounded by years and years of small waves hitting over them.

These were big beautiful round rocks. I found one small one to stash and start my collection for this summer. I have a rock jar from the area beaches, parks etc and I write where I got each one on it. It's natures souvenirs. Growing up Unitarian, we did a ritual at the end of summer where members added Water from visiting lakes/oceans or rocks, pebbles. I always thought it would be a beautiful shadow box feature someday. (Heavy but beautiful).

Lake Ontario is one of the Great Lakes and it separates The United States and Canada, so somewhere way out there is another country....
To my right I see what I think might be a wasn't until I got home and enlarged the image that I found out what it really was.

Not many boats out on this lake or in this area today anyways.
Back at the car, Lexi announced that she really did not desire a trip back to the Museum, so we decided on a slow sight seeing trip back towards our home.

Driving along I spotted this guy hiding behind some tree's and I will admit at first glance I was totally convinced he was REAL. All across Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire and NO Moose, but here's one  right in NY State. Nope!!! Someday I will see my Moose!!!

Once back on the main drag in Oswego we stopped at the area tourist information center which although an incredibly cute one room school house, was closed.
At least we could use the OUT HOUSE....

Lexi picked some wild flowers, as I examined the outside area map.

 I found that we were on some Historical Trail and followed the directions towards Fort Ontario.

Forts are always cool, but I knew Lexi was not interested in staying, so we took the drive around this NY State Park and I walked a bit around the park coast. 

To my left I got a good glimpse at what I thought was a boat earlier in my picture off the shoreline near Rudy's. It's a lighthouse. No Moose, but a lighthouse for REAL!!! 
I looked it up and it is named West Pierhead Light Lighthouse. (Very original) Apparently there is a Gregory Lighthouse somewhere as well.  I didn't see that one.

The Fort, was  important in the French and Indian war, but also it was the attack site by the British solders during the Revolutionary War (The War of 1812).

I really suck at this war stuff. At any rate, we didn't take a tour of the buildings or the fort itself, but apparently there are demonstrators and re-enactments at the fort often during the summer.    
As we pulled away I looked at my daughter who was now clearly fed up with her mothers stopping strolls and decided that we had maxed out Oswego, but one quick run in the thrifty store was okay. So we did that and were on our way home. We much enjoyed our visit at Oswego.