Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It seems we did a lot of nothing last weekend...

I was trying to think what excitement happened over the last week and came up with NONE. I mean there were the typical comings and goings, but ultimately there was not a whole lot that happened.
I think I might have worked a few of those days, worked on the pool, did some cleaning and organizing...Thursday I had one of those home parties. Thirty-one.

Lara and Kate, Kate is the Thirty One Consultant and friend.
 Not a great turn out, two people who gave me a definite were not in attendance, but two showed that I was not expecting. It went well for a Thursday evening. I got some great goodies and cannot wait for them to arrive.  I worked the day/evening shift of the detox on Saturday. It was a pretty crazy day, but no one although there were some interested in, left against medical advice on my watch. I'm pretty proud of that, plus it limits the paperwork. Sunday, after church I headed out to the Regional Market with Tammy and her daughter. 

I missed all of the GREAT bargains on fruits and veggies, but we did score a great price on hanging baskets.
After a great day at the Market, we had a nice lunch at the Market Diner.

It was pretty yummy too. 
By the time we got back to Liverpool, it was mid-afternoon and HOT!!! Since both our pools are not totally ready for swimming, I took the kids to the YMCA pool. 

They enjoyed it so, much they didn't want to leave. After dropping off Tammy's two kids, Gavin and I headed home for burgers on the grill. Thanks hubby!!! 
Yesterday was somewhat productive. I made it to the gym for the first time in weeks. I have not been good about this area of my life, and have been overly frustrated with the whole weight loss idea. I am mostly upset and often give up when the scales read 20 pounds heavier and I cannot walk. I went to the gym and could barely walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes without pain shooting through me. I pushed through and made an attempt at the stationary bike making another 20 minutes. Sadly not much in the grand plan of weight loss and even more sad the reality that it was not to long ago I was doing 40-50 minutes on the tread with no problems. I have gotten to a place of real concern, and have vowed to keep on top of this for my health. 
Monday evening my daughter came home with her new car. 

I am so proud of her. I don't think I had the drive or the skills to manage a car payment/insurance/gas with out daddy's help at her age. She was determined to do this and as always, when she is determined...it seems to come to past. 
Jen drove us to transformation class at Sandy's. This weeks lesson is on Emotional's. I admit I have not been as good about my daily reflections as I should, but enjoyed this weeks lesson. Giving my emotional baggage to God. It sure works out better when I do. 
After class we took as walk around Sandy's home to a frog pond and she found us a geo-cache along the way. Does that one count for the family cache?

 Sandy revels this Geo-cache basically right in her back yard.
look at the goodies. I signed the book even though we didn't really follow any GPS directions.

Sandy and Jen.
It was a lovely walk, but about five minutes into it I was overcome with pain in my back. I pushed through, but admittedly this is a big concern. I am going to have another blood test done, but I know I have to be better with my eating habits. I am just not able to eat like I used to. Ouch!!! it is is abundantly clear I have make some major changes in my life. Today I am off to do some running around and then I am working the evening shift at the rehab.  Busy week ahead, and I am going to do everything in my power to work on the weight issues. TTFN