Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Fourth of July 2014- Baldwinsville, NY

Originally we had planned a trip to Lake George and then  Maine  this weekend, but Ben had big plans with friends from school for Saturday A going away party, with three other friends who are intending on moving. No clarity of if he is moving at this point, but we cannot prevent him from attending a party in his honor.
 We still considered the trip, but Gavin was not thrilled about going solo, so we opted out.
I planned a party for ourselves on Saturday, which is today and there are about 6 who will be in attendance, and two of those are dogs. Real dogs....In an attempt NOT to overshadow the fourth of July holiday (thinking everyone would be busy) I decided on a summer Saturday party. Everyone seemed to have been  FREE on Friday....but everyone is booked today with Graduations, birthdays, camp outs and other one is around. WE shall see how this "party" turns out.
The fourth was spent with Tammy's family. We went to their place for a cook out. The kids did some swimming, game playing and we ate traditional fourth of July grub, Hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad etc.

It was nice to spend time with another family. Since the kids have grown up...we have gone from a family of six to a family of's so sad..Gavin so needs a little playmate. He gets along well with Tammy's kids so that works out.
 Trying to stay dry.
After dinner we all headed to Baldwinsville for their firework display. The intention is to enjoy the fireworks off Papermill Island where there are bands, food, fun but when we get there it is $7- admission and it is storming out. Rain and wind. Several people are leaving as we get there and both Tammy and I curse that there was not enough alcohol in us to make the weather "ok". We stuck it out, but on the far side of the canal, just within ear shot of the music.
 Happy Couple's pictures.

The kids played around while Tammy and I sang to the 80's metal band music that was being played by Under the Gun just across the canal. They are a local band. Mark likes them, and we saw them last year at the Balloon Fest. (WE opted out of that this year.)

The skies eventually ceased rain pellets and the wind died down. The sunset was amazing, so many different colors. (in this last picture you can see the Island where the bands were playing etc).
This boat was all over the canal way flashing it's many red, whites and blues. You can just see a bit of fireworks in the right hand corner from another area firework display.
 I love this boat. They played country music too. All American.
I searched everywhere for sparklers (Apparently the only thing legal in NY..but then Mark said, even those are illegal. He's possibly right, because I could NOT find them.) Someone was able to find them and several children were enjoying them around us, someone else dropped a few firecracker themselves until the Police showed up..I caught the tail end of a spinner.
I recalled fireworks in Indiana when I was a kid. They were always so much fun. I recognize the concerns, but really NY no sparklers either?
A little more music, finished beers, a port a potty break and soon it was dark enough and the Fireworks can begin.

They were nice, nothing like last years but fun just the same. We headed out before the finale to get away from the crazy crowds. Only a few ways out of Baldwinsville and this was going to be MAD DASH. We caught the finale in the center of town over the back side of the buildings.
 The noise was amazing bouncing off the building,
We got out of the area fairly quickly despite the multiple cars. Dealing with the traffic and the crowds as the evening progressed was the downside of the evening. If we happen to be in the area next year I recommended that we make an evening of it, spend the $7- and steak out a good place near the bands. was a fun evening had by everyone!