Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Syracuse Chiefs Baseball, Syracuse, NY

Saturday evening we headed out to the baseball stadium to see one of the many Chief's games.

Its a beautiful stadium and the bank has put lots of money into it. Unfortunately even with all of the advertising and other crowd pleasers like  fireworks, give-a ways, $1- night etc. Syracuse is just NOT into it's baseball team. I'm not sure why we struggle, the chief's are a pretty good team. The over all evening for the four of us not including snacks, and drinks cost $23- much cheaper then a trip to the movies, and we got FREE pint glasses from Saranac. (I am not a Saranac beer fan, they were giving FREE tastes of that too) but the glass is pretty cool.
(My stash of stuff from the game).
 For us, it is an annual event that we take ourselves out to the ball game at least one time a summer.

 Another one of those painted horses in Syracuse.

The boys showing off their named cokes. Only family members name I have been able to find is Nick.
As you can see..there are tons of open seats. We were solo until it started raining and people moved up to get under the awning. Gavin insisted that we stay away from them. Are we really going into that stage where he is to cool for mom and dad already?

Mark was the only member of the family willing to pose with Skootch, one of the two Chief mascots.
  We found ourselves a nice spot along the third base line and began an evening of strikes, pitches and YOUR OUT! We also did get to see a home run.

Baseball for me, can be VERY VERY VERY DULL!!!! This game, for the exception of the home run  was much the same. We did have an interesting guy to the left of us who was screaming CRAZY, but funny things to the players. This kept us humored as strikes and hits became balls and walks. I'm not knocking the game of baseball...but it can get a little LONG. Even with the big beer Mark purchased for me and the musical fun the stadium tries to pump at the crowd to get them motivated "da da da da da!!! CHARGE!!!"
After awhile we all lost our UMPH! and we cut out just as we were all STRETCHING in the 7th!
The Chief's were ahead when we left. I'm not sure if they won the game however.
I am not negating the evenings events. We always do have a good time. I personally would be getting BOARD around the 7th inning at a Yankee game (that's me though). The sport is SLOW. (We watched the Allstar game and there was little to NO SLOW spots in that, but that is an exceptional game).  At any rate, at least for me, attendance to one of the Chief's games is more about the experience then simply watching the game. It's people watching, it's the cool air that moves in as the sun sets out over the field, it's the sound of the train horn as it blows running along side the stadium. It's the mascots and the kids...both little and big with their gloved hands ready to catch that fowl ball. The thrill of the experience is what brings me out year after year, and this years experience was no different. Cheers to the great American past time of BASEBALL!