Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another Sharkey's date night...with kids

On Thursday evening we went to Sharkey's again. This time the boys came with us and Under the Gun was playing.

Under the Gun is a pretty popular local band. They play 80's & 90's music like Kiss, Journey, etc. We knew most of the songs, even the boys enjoyed the music. The waitress told me they were the most expensive band to have at Sharkapolza, and with the questionable weather (rain was in the forecast) everyone was glad they were playing. The place was much more crowded then last week too.
 Mark with yet another Crue shirt and Gavin telling me NO MORE PICTURES!!!

Mark and I commented on how disappointed we were that we had not come sooner in the summer. We have really enjoyed coming and hearing the bands. I am looking forwards to hearing the Tom Petty cover band in a few weeks.
 There guitarist was awesome!

 you can get a good look at the crowds.

We did not stay for the whole show and they got a late start. I bet they were great!

I tried several times to get a good video of the guitarist. He was amazing. Here is some of what I go, my camera kept stopping during it.

Great evening once again. Love that we are having a weekly date night even if the boys went with us this time. Ben even won two tickets to see the new Guardians of the Universe sometime next week. We are thrilled. TTFN