Friday, August 22, 2014

Revolutions at Destiny Mall, Syracuse NY

I missed date night....totally my fault. Mark left the planning up to me, and oops! Instead of burgers and fries at some local pub, I made a steak and potatoes and went grocery shopping. He ate and promptly fell asleep on the couch. I went out in the rain to return son's video game and got slapped with late fee's, and soaking wet.
 I picked up the last Twilight movie (something part two), the one I never saw, despite all of the HYPE of the previous three movies some years ago and reading every one of the (for teens) books.  In retrospect...what an awful obsession..and I was not alone. All of my gal pals were reading the books, and we all could not wait to get a glimpse of what Edward would look like. He looked better in my head...and yummy as he is could be my son!....Gheeze! At any rate, I never watched the final movie. I liked it....Are you Surprised?????
Although there was no date night this week, I did take the boys out for a bit during the day. My original plan was to head north to Alexandria Bay, but it was a thundering rainy mess before 10am.
 There is nothing fun about riding a boat in a thunderstorm....Indoor activities only..
The boys suggested Revolution.

....the bar, restaurant, bowling facility located at Destiny mall...
Most things located in Destiny are NOT cheep, but I was informed it was cheaper on we went.....(couponless...)
I am not going to say the experience was MIND blowing...because it wasn' the place cool???? Well sure...there are all kinds of lights and flashy things. There are fairly NEW bowling shoes and fancy colored bowling balls....and the price per game was not over the top....$3.25 per game (if I recall).
Shoes, balls, a lane with a cushy couch, lunch ordered and NO bumpers the games began....

The boys were far from serious about the game and spent most of the time being down right silly....  

Lunch included Cesar salad for me...(Ben too). I am trying to eat better..... of course I added a side of french fries,(the fries were shared) and Gavin had a bacon burger....

Maybe one shouldn't order a salad at a bowling ally (regardless to how fancy this particular one is) because it (if you can believe it) was awful. I am not sure how you can mess up salad...but it was not good....I was a bit irritated that I allowed get in my way of NOT choosing a plate of greese instead and boxed up what was left over. Ben disagreed with my distaste, but didn't eat most of it. Pissed I spent nearly $8- on a plate of lettuce a few croutons, some bits of dusted cheese and an awful vinegar based Cesar dressing.
So the food wasn't so good, at least the salad...Gavin liked his burger, but its a burger!
$50- later the boys had played two games, ate some grub, and we were back in the mall where Gavin was convincing me that he would never find the bobble headed Raccoon anywhere else but here and I was off getting my FREE Victoria Secret underwear (I had a coupon)! Thank God for FREE.
 Haircut on the way home (the exchange for buying the stupid Racoon) and I was not in the mood for planning date night. Sorry honey.
But if I had, my date night would have of a local bowling ally special, where on Thursday evenings... it is buy one game get one FREE and it's dollar night at the food concession. So should have planned it all better. I would have saved myself at least $30 and I could have avoided the damn Racoon, as well as the rain and late fee on returns. (I did enjoy the movie however.)
Bowling is just so much more fun at those old dives anyways....well we can now has been done.
Right now...I have to get myself ready for a weekend get-a-way with some Women of Close to My Heart. I am off to Pennsylvania for the next few days.... TTFN!!!!