Monday, August 4, 2014

The Lost 80's

Earlier in the week I had done my usual running of things like, getting my shopping done, developed some pictures, shopped some more and my weekly run to the pool store for chemicals. While I was there I picked up FREE tickets to the Carol Baldwin benefit "Benny's lost 80's Bash". I grabbed four tickets thinking maybe this could be fun...I LOVE THE 80's!

Carol Baldwin ( the mother of the famous Baldwin brothers) lives locally and she is a big supporter of Breast Cancer research in CNY. 
Friday morning I got my hair and brows done at the BOCES school for FREE! I love FREE (I did give the girl a nice tip).  Then I spent the afternoon at Sandy's house just enjoying her and my friend Johnnie Lynne's company. (WOW NO PICTURES).
Friday night was spent crafting as were the next few days, but on Saturday night Mark and I set off to do things in 80's fashion.
I tried to get Renee and David to go, I even mentioned it to Carol, but we were solo players at this bash. 
(our attempt at a selfie using my Nikon DX camera) How many chins do I have????
We arrived at exactly 4pm. (Mark is good like that), and waited...and waited....and line for about an hour before they even let us in. (Yes it became an indoor concert)....then once we were in we found seats and waited another 45 minutes before the first band started. 

Christopher Anton  and Information Station finally started. 
Here is a picture of them.

They were actually pretty good. They sang songs like.  Whats on your Mind and The Promise

Posting the youtube video here. 

Here is the Promise. This was actually from the concert I saw in Syracuse. 

They were GREAT!
Up next was Animation. I had never heard of them. They played a few songs that I was familiar with. Obsession was one of them. 


Here is the video from youtube. 

I enjoyed this band too. 
We waited for awhile for the next band to start and I had never heard of them or any of their songs. 

I did get a few pictures. They seemed to go on was nearly 8pm by now..
Mark and I were loosing our umph and we were both starving. (Poor planning on our part..should have came later and ate before we left). 
Up next was Tommy Tutone, Naked Eyes, Flock of Seagulls and Benny Mardones. We could have stayed we might have liked to have stayed but we hit the road. 
Here is some reminders of what we missed....
Tommy Tutone

*867-5309 Jenny

Naked Eyes

Always something there to remind me.
The Flock of Seagulls.

And I ran.......Last but not least was BENNY himself. I actually saw him live in the late 80's at some dive bar in the back woods. He apparently is from the area. His most popular song...

Benny Mardones...Into the Night.
Mark thinks the song borders on child sexual abuse. She is just 16 years old after all...
We left the arena and ran smack into this beautiful sky

I do wish we had stayed, but I must say I enjoyed dinner so much that I forgot all about it. We went to  Five Guys Burgers and Fries.
(picture taken from the internet)
If you are a hamburger fan...then this place is like HEAVEN!!!! 
It was so yummy and the french fries (although not the best ) went on and on and wonder I have so many chins.....
We really had a great time, I am embracing  these times that Mark and I have as a couple. I know that he had NO desire to go to this with me, but he stuck it out to make me happy. Thank you babe! The rest of the weekend was low key. He is heading to Queensbury to help his mother and it's just me and the boy for the next three we will see if there is any TRIPS taken. TTFN