Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Passport to Health' FRANCE

What a wild week....
I am loving my new job...I have tons of things going on positive in my life and Thursday evening was a night in France with my girlfriends. Tammy and Mary joined me. 

Somewhere in my travels of internet searches, magazine reading or somewhere..I came across Crouse Hospital Spirit of Women Passport to Health. What is is basically is a evening of glam for us girls, good eats, and some medical education. This was the second in the four part series as I missed the first one,
 Mary with her crape and Tammy gets a massage.

This nights theme is Oui all about France. Along with massages, nail care and a photo booth, we got a lunch bag, a stylist pen, and Eiffel tower baggage ID and yummies were everywhere. We ate crapes with chocolate and raspberries....veggies and fruit. All so healthy but YUMMY! I think I ate an entire plate of the most delicious mushrooms...
The premise of the evening is to educate women on good health, and tonight topic was menopause.
Our presenters were AMAZING!!

I think we all learned a little something about that horrible part of being an aging women...(YEP I qualify)...(Should the women who were in accompany of the one Dr. read this, I think you were incredibly RUDE to speak during the entire lecture and if he is your boss you should have a talking to). 

There were prizes too....I soooo wish I won...but I didn't...BUMMER! Despite the not so lucky drawing I was lucky to spend a nice evening with my girlfriends and we all cannot wait until the next event. It was a very nice evening.

Scare-A-Con 2014

I am so far behind on my trips....It will take me a minute to catch up, so bare with me...

A few weekends ago was the fourth year Gavin and I made it to SCARE-A-CON and this year Ben and Dad joined us. This year like the last three years, it was held at the Turning Stone Casino and Resort.
We arrived a little early and fueled ourselves at the Casino buffet before heading to the Conference.
Like most years there are multiple vendors selling anything from artwork, comic books, toys, and scary stuff...how are these scary hand made items...I don't think I could even have this thing in my house...come to think of it, just the picture is creeping me out!!!!!
 eweeee....(but incredibly talented).... check this out... Barbie sized Walking Dead characters..
and of course there was Walter White too..
Along with the for sale items booths were filled with local paranormal investigative teams, promoters of haunted houses in the area, and of course the actors of the horror films sat with glossy 8x10 photos of themselves ready to sign...with a FEE!!! This year it was printed in the program NO FREE AUTOGRAPHS!!! Your own picture taking was frowned upon as well. (I decided that I would not be so camera in your face as I have in the past and enjoyed the convention with less pictures...sorry). I did get a no commitment to buy (on the down low) autograph from the one Ghost Hunter at convention this year,...Joe Chin willingly signed my TAPS hat with my promise not to tell. I didn't get a picture but and  I did buy myself a TAPS T-shirt later in the day!
There was some beautiful not so scary artwork too. Painted pictures and multiple items to purchase. I purchased a True Blood art screened mug for myself and a Boon Dock Saints mug for hubby. Both signed by the artist.
Big names were Dee Walace and C. Thomas Howell. (Here is Dee Walace) during her open panel.

We saw Dee Walace, but we never did see C. Thomas Howell. Even his booth was empty. I only remember him from one movie anyways.
There were three actors from the Walking Dead (all three deceased from the show). Gavin got a "bump" from "Axel" as he was entering the conference.  (I missed the picture).
Here is Axel from the show.

Sophia was also there. She was from the original season and became a zombie somewhere in the second season. Gavin was to shy to speak with her. She does NOT look anything like the girl in this photo I took from the internet.
She looks more like this...
I guess I can understand why my 11 year old might be intimidated by her.
Some additional actors included Eric Roberts. (I guess I could have croped first)
 Not only is he famous in his own rite, but he is the brother to Julia Roberts and Dad to Emma Roberts.
 There were a ton of other celberties, but I didn't get pictures but you can link to the Scare-a-con website for all of them..

This is the link to the celebrities that were at the Convention this year.
I did get pictures of us next to characters like...CP3O

and Ash...(who???)

Lady Dead Pool..(nope don't know who she is either)
 A few scares like....Michael Myers from Halloween
 and Of course there is always Freddy...
I even got a live action Freddy..out to get Gavin.

and Zombies to get me..
There were a few more characters...

and the boys were thrilled with the repo'd nerf guns..and equipment. 

After spending the day at scare-a-con, the boys were ready to head home. I had hoped to stay long enough for the Walking Dead and Ghost Hunters discussion, but it was three against one and I lost. We will definitely need to make room reservations for next year. Mark played a few more games and I toured the club area of the Casino. I have never been to the clubs at Turning Stone. It was to early for the clubs to be opened, but it was cool to take a look...Here is a little of what is there.

Maybe we can go some night. 
Another year of Scare-a-Con come and gone and it was, as always tons of fun!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sherwood Inn Seafood and Music Festival.

A few weekends back Mark and I made a date to go to Skaneateles, NY to enjoy a date day at the Sherwood Inn Seafood and Music Festival. The Syracuse Happy Hour meet up had a planned date there as well and I have met a few new people from the group.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, We arrived just as the day was to begin found a nice place to post our fold out chairs and decided to take a walk to the park. Although I have been to Skenateles several times before, I have never been to the lake or taken in the views along the dock.
The Skenateles area is known to have money and most of these homes are pricey....but just take a look at some of these along the lake...They are more like castles then homes...
here is a little closer...beautiful isn't it.
Here's another....

and of course there are the locals...taking a last dip before they make their trip south for the winter.
The boats are pretty nice too.
Love these boat names...

The Shewood Inn is one of the many restaurants in the Skanateles village. Mark and I ate here once many years ago. Meal was delicious. Since I am not a seafood fan, I cannot make any judgement calls on the sea food they had at this event, but I did try some corn chowder and was not to impressed..

The front of the Sherwood Inn and a lobster dinner....NOT MINE!!

So....I wasn't to impressed with the food, but the music and drink.. I totally enjoyed that!

The Mere Mortals played music I enjoyed. Things like Fleetwood Mac, and even the Police.

I loved this shirt, although I must admit, it took me a minute to get it....duh!

The music and dancing were GREAT fun! On the way out we caught sight of this sweet ride..Very Nice.
and since I am not a seafood fan and my corn chowder wasn't so good we stopped for dinner at Buddy's Pub. We had never been before and the food was quite enjoyable.

It was a beautiful day with so much fun. Would recommend the Seafood Music festival to anyone!!!