Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lake George, NY

Despite intent to make several trips to the Lake George area this summer, we saved it until the very last weekend before summer is officially over and school starts. Labor day weekend. Since we make this trip every year, we tried something a little different. Of course the boys still played at the arcade, but Mark and I toured the far end of the village strip and made our way to the area park.

The village strip is lined with stores, eateries and activities to enjoy, Very tourist like in nature.

The boys are forced a picture with Frankie for some funds to play arcade games before Mark and I leave them to their games and head down the streets.

 I know...do you?
 The acronym of DILLIGAF is Do I Look Like I Give a F*&)! There are actually two stores in Lake George that sell this clothing line made popular by the MTV show Jersey Shore. If you do decide that you really do give a F&*!, you can always ask a psychic about your future.
 I found my new boyfriend, isn't he cute!
 Looks yummy, but we already ate,,,
 Duffy's is where Mark hung out in his youth....
 I just enjoyed the parking signs.

 This is the old Lake George Court house. I am not sure what it is now or where the new court house is.

 The view along the beach.
 Some of the area store front windows....what do you think about the Ass family?
 All your tobacco needs yeah right!!!!
 You can clearly find ANYTHING here. I guess I also know why we stayed on the other side of the village streets, We did find some more appealing areas however. The beautiful Lake

And some street performer.

I stayed and watched for awhile before I met up with the boys at the arcade. Mark and I were excited to watch the FREE concert at the park.
 Some of these arcade items have been around for YEARS....look at this lovely, there is dust upon her dust.
 and the shooting game.

The boys were clearly NOT impressed with a Grateful Dead cover band, so another $20- in arcade games and a promise to find us in the crowd and Mark and I made our way to the park.

 They did a great job...

 Is that Jerry reincarnated down there dancing?

 There were several dancers...
 including this guy, I wish I could even begin to explain his dance moves...I don't think I can.

It was nearly perfect, just wish I had a drink in my hand, my Birkenstock's and my old tye-dye T-shirt with my big billowy skirt. Many many many years earlier I followed the actual Dead to a few shows....Admittedly this FREE concert was more pleasant. (I remember this one).
The boys eventually found us. They cashed in their tickets and bought laser lights and spent the rest of the evening playing 007 games...

It was a beautiful evening. See the sliver of the moon over the night sky?
We took in a few more local sights...these very cool modes of transportation before we called it a fun filled night.

We really did enjoy the Lake George village. This may be our last summer visit to this dream destination as Mark's mother has plans to move to our area soon. It will mean we really have no reason to visit this place. I am going to savor these last moment of summer in a place we have made trips to for multiple years. Dinner was at the Harvest Restaurant (in Queensbury)...BEST pizza ever and tomorrow adventures are to Saratoga, NY for some Horse racing! TTFN