Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Passport to Health' FRANCE

What a wild week....
I am loving my new job...I have tons of things going on positive in my life and Thursday evening was a night in France with my girlfriends. Tammy and Mary joined me. 

Somewhere in my travels of internet searches, magazine reading or somewhere..I came across Crouse Hospital Spirit of Women Passport to Health. What is is basically is a evening of glam for us girls, good eats, and some medical education. This was the second in the four part series as I missed the first one,
 Mary with her crape and Tammy gets a massage.

This nights theme is Oui all about France. Along with massages, nail care and a photo booth, we got a lunch bag, a stylist pen, and Eiffel tower baggage ID and yummies were everywhere. We ate crapes with chocolate and raspberries....veggies and fruit. All so healthy but YUMMY! I think I ate an entire plate of the most delicious mushrooms...
The premise of the evening is to educate women on good health, and tonight topic was menopause.
Our presenters were AMAZING!!

I think we all learned a little something about that horrible part of being an aging women...(YEP I qualify)...(Should the women who were in accompany of the one Dr. read this, I think you were incredibly RUDE to speak during the entire lecture and if he is your boss you should have a talking to). 

There were prizes too....I soooo wish I won...but I didn't...BUMMER! Despite the not so lucky drawing I was lucky to spend a nice evening with my girlfriends and we all cannot wait until the next event. It was a very nice evening.