Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sherwood Inn Seafood and Music Festival.

A few weekends back Mark and I made a date to go to Skaneateles, NY to enjoy a date day at the Sherwood Inn Seafood and Music Festival. The Syracuse Happy Hour meet up had a planned date there as well and I have met a few new people from the group.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, We arrived just as the day was to begin found a nice place to post our fold out chairs and decided to take a walk to the park. Although I have been to Skenateles several times before, I have never been to the lake or taken in the views along the dock.
The Skenateles area is known to have money and most of these homes are pricey....but just take a look at some of these along the lake...They are more like castles then homes...
here is a little closer...beautiful isn't it.
Here's another....

and of course there are the locals...taking a last dip before they make their trip south for the winter.
The boats are pretty nice too.
Love these boat names...

The Shewood Inn is one of the many restaurants in the Skanateles village. Mark and I ate here once many years ago. Meal was delicious. Since I am not a seafood fan, I cannot make any judgement calls on the sea food they had at this event, but I did try some corn chowder and was not to impressed..

The front of the Sherwood Inn and a lobster dinner....NOT MINE!!

So....I wasn't to impressed with the food, but the music and drink.. I totally enjoyed that!

The Mere Mortals played music I enjoyed. Things like Fleetwood Mac, and even the Police.

I loved this shirt, although I must admit, it took me a minute to get it....duh!

The music and dancing were GREAT fun! On the way out we caught sight of this sweet ride..Very Nice.
and since I am not a seafood fan and my corn chowder wasn't so good we stopped for dinner at Buddy's Pub. We had never been before and the food was quite enjoyable.

It was a beautiful day with so much fun. Would recommend the Seafood Music festival to anyone!!!