Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kathy's Christmas Celebration.

November  2014
Northside Baptist Church

I am nearly a month behind on posts.....look what happened to me now that I am a working girl. I am loving my new job, but it does take a bite out of 40 hours of my week...I have still found a way to keep my trips up even if they are not nearly as often as they have been in the past. I am honestly POOPED most evenings and the weekends look especially nice to simply sit on my duff!
My church offered Kathy's Christmas celebration. (A little early for Christmas??? It is but Kathy is going to be a Grandmother on or around Christmas, so the annual event was moved up. 
 This is an evening of GOODIES!!! Friends and worship. Kathy is the preachers wife and she puts on quite a show for all of us ladies. This year there was a bake off,..YUMMY!!!

Here were a few of the delicious treats and some of my wonderful friends....
 Tammy and Jenny
 Dawn.....and she won first place in the bake off!!!

Kathy spoke on many things but the story focused on Hannah. Here is a link to the story of Hannah

It was such an enjoyable night. Music, goodies and a lesson.