Sunday, December 7, 2014

The 5th Annual Buy Local BASH

Downtown Syracuse, NY
Buy Local Bash
November 24, 2014

DISCLAIMER:I did not have my camera with me for this event so nearly every picture posted here was taken from the internet...
About a month ago, maybe two by the time I finally post this, my co-workers Tracey and Melanine and I went to this small business event held at the On-Center in downtown Syracuse. We had some a ton of FREE stuff (pens, memo pads and even a few stress "cows"; as opposed to balls.) and when we got to work the next day we took the offered survey.
Little did we know that by taking the survey it would grant us FREE access to the BUY LOCAL BASH!!! Yep, Yep, Yep!!! In my email about three weeks after the on-center event; I had forgotten all about it....I got this email for my admission into the 5th annual Buy Local Bash!! Tracey and Melanine got there's too and we made a date to attend. (Tickets were $20 presale and $25- at the door.)

I had no idea what this was all about but it sounded like fun and I LOVE FREE!!!!
We left after work found a spot to park downtown and made our way to the Landmark Theater (Yes the same place I was act just a week prior).

Once we arrived we were given buy local bags and sent to mingle among the vast booths featuring local area bushiness. Most were food and drink with samples to try.....Can you SAY YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

First up, we tried some local Good Nature brew from these guys. Then we headed down the hall where we came upon chocolate bugs in a box....from the Pest Control Company. Creepy Good!
More tasting of some Greek foods...I love the balkava, but passed on the grape leaves.
After testing a few things in the main hall we made our way downstairs were we enjoyed some music, coffee, jewelry...(I ran into a friends mother and brother), cider, and massage, Tracey and Melanine got a brief hand massage.

(this coffee was excellent by the way!!!, The company is out of Ithaca)
One of the few pictures on here that I actually took with my phone.

We also tried some soups....

....and had some Cider from The Beak and Skiff apples.
After getting our fill from the downstairs we made our way to the STAGE, It was just about that time that things started to get a little crowded too.

On the stage we tried; boneless chicken wings, Gannon's Ice Cream (one of my local favorites), hot vodka and apple cider,.....

a number of dipping sauces,

cheeses, bbq, organic fruits, fried macaroni and cheese, potato mixes, oriental noodles and I even tried a spam, rice and seaweed wrap that was actually pretty good!

Also on the stage, I signed up to find out more on how to support the city of Syracuse, learned about many of the local business's and helped the Food Bank (and got Christmas gifts) by purchasing a pack of City Dining Cards. I am excited to incorporate the dining cards into date nights with the hubby. Each card is for $10- off local restaurants.
You would think that was enough, but the bash continued, we hadn't made it upstairs yet....
Melanine had enough, so Tracey and I went to the top floor where we were greeted by some little ballerinas...(Do not forget the Nutcracker)

and more FOOD and DRINK....

The Cazenovia Farmer's Market people went above and beyond with their samples, the cheeses, the spreads, the BUFFALO meat...(yep, I said BUFFALO) and it was YUMMMMMMMMY!!!
Tracey and I had a few wine samples, and Tracey's beer was almost a full mug from the Syracuse Suds Factory. When I asked what they had like a Labatt's, he laughed and said nicely "water", These are stocky brews with lots of browns and golden presentation there... I did liked the berry flavor taste time I visit I must be free from automobile responsibilities.
WOW....what fun we had, I couldn't believe all of the things we tried, I was even impressed with myself for tasting some out of the box food risks (for me anyways).
It was truly a wonderful evening. The food was great, the beverages were smooth, company was amazing (I got some great co-workers) and the PRICE was RIGHT. It sure did open my eyes to the many local area eateries and I will be making an extra effort to go to the Cazenovia's Farmers market this summer....I can't wait to start using my dining cards and Tracey and I have already decided we will have to go to some of the local wineries to do some more tasting. The only negative was the crowd and heat on the stage,..everything else was perfect and FUN!!! TTFN and Thanks to the photographer whose pictures I have lifted to fluff my personal blog!