Sunday, January 18, 2015

Paint Party

Trappers II
Minoa, NY
Jan 15th 2015

This seems to be the new and trendy thing to do...drink wine and paint art. It sounded and looked like fun, so several of us at work planned (got goupons) for a night filled with Painting and Drinking.
The evening finally arrived and we meet for some pre-art dinner (I had to go low cal-14 pounds down thus far) and since I was driving there had to be NO wine (although I did take Marquita's FREE Blue Moon and it was quite refreshing.)
Chicken Cesar wrap was the lowest cal I found. (Skipped the chips).  The blue Moon special was buy one get one FREE, plus got to paint your FREE Blue Moon glass, Here is Marquita with her glass,

After our meal, we got prepared with  out aprons and canvas.

Melanine, Me, Tracey and Marquita

Now lets start painting....The instructor take everyone though it step by step...first up painting a blue night sky.

I think we've got this. I was feeling quite far!
Next we flip our canvas and add the grass This was when I felt things started to go badly for my art green looked like the color of puke!

The instructor gave directions to make blades of grass....mine were to swirly and eventually they were SO BIG I knew my ART CAREER WAS A WASH!

Here is my final product.
Here is all of our final pictures,,,,

What do you think? Are we ready to quit our day jobs????
All I can say, is it was so much fun!!! Can't wait to do it again!