Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spirit of Women; Italy

Drumlins Country Club
Dewitt, NY
January 21, 2015

I am forever finding these FREE events that offer medical and healthy lifestyles for women. I attended Healthy Heart for Women twice now, and the Spirit of Women, offered through Crouse Hospital (I was once an employee of) has these also FREE events called Passport to Health. I missed the first event but Tammy, Mary and I made it to France and Menopause and Wednesday evening Mary and I went to Italy and learned about Strokes..

Here are some shots from the photo booth,
We always have a good time. The topic was interesting, the Dr, and additional presenters were wonderful. Sometimes I really DONT what to know everything that COULD go wrong in my body, but it is nice to be aware. I am grateful that for the most part I do have my health. Once the presenters were done they offer prizes. Mary and I crossed our fingers, but not luck. Next time maybe.
Next month is the end of this Passport series and if you attend three events you are entered into a big contest that includes a TRIP!!!!
Till next time!!!