Sunday, April 5, 2015

ESPN Friday Night Boxing

Turning Stone Casino
ESPN Friday Night Fights
Feb. 20th 2015

Mark was awarded FREE tickets to the ESPN Friday night fights at Turning Stone. This was definitely not something I would have simple said...Gee lets get tickets to the Fights had the tickets not been free, this may have been an experience I would have never known. It actually turned out well and I enjoyed every minute of it.
We arrived early and played a few of the casino games before we entered in the show room for the Fight! There were NO winners unfortunately.
Mark got a in a pictures with the ladies, before we found our FRONT row seats and awaited the evenings events.
 The first few fights were local guys. Theses were fun as we rooted for the guys from the local areas to us. I had fun Hooting and Hollering and the atmosphere was electric. I was amazed in how much energy is spent in those rings and how hard they actually hit!

 This poor guy in the green shorts was hit in the face many times you can see already the swelling around his eyes.

 Mark get a picture of the winner.
 On to the heavy weight...They move much much less then the previous fighters, but they hit pretty HARD!

 The heavy weight fighters did a lot more "hugging" then the light weights....but the energy kept going. The place was filling up with more and more people too. I was amazed at how many people were interested in this sport. The two guys next to us were a father and his adult son speaking Italian and the son was so involved in the fight he would yell and scream and get up off his feet. Some of the other patrons were women dressed in evening gowns wearing heals that added at least a foot to their height. I wondered how they walked in them and just how much damage they were doing to their feet. I also thought....just why would someone wear such attire to a fight....but fashion is far from my strong suit. Apparently I spent more time looking at my surroundings then watching the actual fight, Honestly I found it didn't keep my attention, People punching people in the head for fun or for any reason...just doesn't appeal to my kind of entertainment. It was fun, it was different and I had a good time, but lets just say I will not be making any return trips to such an event any time soon. Mark and I didn't even stay for the main event. We made our way back to the casino played a few more games had a late dinner at the casino and headed home one unique experience richer.
 (Between fights they we throwing out T-shirts. We ended up with three total. What a great souvenir.)