Saturday, May 16, 2015

Florida or BUST part 3; Re-united.

March 22, 2015
Orlando, Florida

We headed south towards our home for the next several days and to where we would connect with Ben. Everyone one of us was excited to see Ben.  Ben move to Florida in October last year, we have missed him terribly. This visit became more about visiting brothers then the vacation.

We had arrived at the hotel a few hours before check in and well before Ben meet us with us at the hotel. We spent the time in the hotel lobby...

....I took pictures of the locals....


and we were provided access to the pool while we waited.  Gavin and I did some swimming in March....(WOW).
We finally gained access to our rooms, see the towel goose below...and shortly after that Ben arrived!!!!

The boys spent the most of the day in the hotel pool.

They had so much fun just spending time together. While the boys enjoyed the sun, I connected with my college girlfriend Tricia. She and her two daughters are only 45 minutes away and we made plans to connect for the evening.
Tricia and I meet in college. She was an incredible friend. When my son was born she coordinated a baby sitting schedule while I was in class. She was able to convince several of the girls in the dorm to take turns watching Nick for the hour or so I was in class and switch to meet my class schedule. All but one requested payment. Tricia was in the Childhood Development Program and knew several girls who were eager to take care of a baby. Tricia also lived with me after graduation and was Nicks babysitter while I was working. Our paths continued to cross as I had another child, she had one of her own and our kids grew. She moved to Florida several years ago and I had not seen her since our last visit when Gavin was only about 2 years old.
 Tricia and I at the pool.
We had a great time re-uniting with friends and Family. In my next blog I will share about our evening together in Downtown Disney.