Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Staff Day: PEEP Competition

Staff Day
At Work
Syracuse NY

At my job, we have a staff day every few months. This is a day of discussion, education, role plays, team building, a full out yummy breakfast and lunch and often FUN! In April we had our Case Manager Staff meeting with some added fun. We had a PEEP contest.

Here is my Peep display...."The Walking Peeps" - Sheriff Rick Rabbit leading the pack.
My PEEP Zombies are simply FRIGHTENING aren't they?

I put a lot into my PEEPS....but my walking Peeps didn't win any Prizes...Here were some of the competitors. 

SOME Opps we caught you in the bathroom PEEPS. (This was a super cute idea and won one of the prizes)..Stacey's Peeps!
Melanie's beautiful display of flower PEEPS! I believe her's one first place.
This beach "bunny" and the next two pictures were made as a team effort. Each bunny really looks like the team...
One Bunny is on vacation many are in the office and since we are often in the field a traveling Bunny.
This team of PEEPS had some of the MOST votes... I never did find out who did the duck frame and art!!! but it is sure cute...
One of my co-workers has goats on her property and made a Peep goat farm.
My Supervisor had a complete VEST made of Peeps! It was GREAT and very creative..(She wouldn't let me get a picture.)
Although my Peeps didn't win, I had a great time spending a day working with my co-workers. It is days like these that I find I really enjoy my job. Our next staff day will be with the WHOLE agency, that will be a ton of fun!