Sunday, August 9, 2015

Albany Class Trip

The Sixth Grade class trip to Albany, the State Capitol.
Albany, NY
June 3, 2015
Every year my son's school takes the sixth graders (the elementary graduating class) to The NY State capitol. This year was Gavin's turn and I got to be a chaperon,
We had to be up early and ready to go by 7am. It was still a little Hazy out when we arrived at the school.
It didn't take long for these silly boys to wake up and get a little goofy as we gathered to prepare for the bus ride. Many of the moms I know from other events went with us as chaperons.
Some familiar faces and friends. After we were all read the RULES and instructed on what bus we were on...we all piled on and we were off!!!
We made it....and these five boys were now under my watch...
Tucker, Niki, Ismar, Caleb, and Gavin!!!
Okay everybody...line up..we're headed to the tippy tip top for a view of the city. And what a view it was..
The Hudson river flows in the background.
This is the top of "the egg".

And a quick pic of the boys!

I'm not sure the name of this impressive building, but is is sweet.

There was some neat art pieces in the lobby and we waited "patiently" for the rest of the class after our elevator ride down.

Underground city. Directly under the floor is an entire city that links the capitol building to shops, eateries and transportation.
We made our way in the underground to the Capitol building. We had to be scanned and everything before we could enter.We also encounter a protest march..although it was peaceful there was a lot of noise and heightened security, It was hard to hear what they were chanting in these big old beautiful halls of the state capitol building, but it sure was exciting. Take a look at this beautiful building.

One of the glass ceiling tiles way at the top.

These are the glass ceiling,

The court house. There was not a session when we were there so we were able to enter and take pictures. Gold inlet in the walls. Massive marble from all around the world. We had a tour guide who told as all about the wood and the floors...but all I really remember is the fact that the room was built to amplify sound so that every word can be heard through out this massive space. The only place where a client and attorney could go to have a private conversation; is in side the massive fireplace.  

See the fireplace below.

Throughout the building are carved faces of many important people of the time. None that I have ever heard of, but there is also an angel and a devil face somewhere in all this stone.

As a tradition the Sixth grade class has their picture on the stairs.
The senator was also suppose to come and make a short speech. He was detained.

Next up we made our way to the light of day and walked directly on top of where the underground city is.
Outside of the Capitol Building.
The "egg"

Some neat art on this massive quad,

Next up we entered The NY State Museum.

Time was ticking so we had to make our way through this museum and quick. After what seemed to take the boys forever in the gift store....we finally made our way into the exhibits.

There is the 911 exhibit. None of these boys were alive to remember this tragic day over 14 years ago, but it still stops my heart as I recall the events that took 2,996 lives that day. I don't think there is a single American who could have understood what devastation happened on that day, that does not have those visions of the towers falling edged forever in their memory,

I wish we had more time and an opportunity to do more discussion, but I shared my loss and prayers in peace as we headed off to NY's highlights.

Like Sesame St.....born the same year I was..I am not telling you will have to figure it out.
NY schools
and the subway...

Of course NY City is best known for it's skyscrapers.

And the welcoming of immigration through Ellis Island.

Many immigrates came to this country and settled in NY where they brought their customs and trade,

Both rich and poor blended into the big city of NY.

but well before all that..there were ancient artifacts like this whale...

And the original Americans the Native American Indians.

The boys enter a long house.

Many years after the Mastodon was the settlers of NY State, who paved the NY frontier.
Some of NY's animals.

and finally we ran to the third floor with seconds to spare before we were to board the bus, We had hoped to get a ride on this antique carousel before we headed home. NO RIDES until 3pm....Which of course was when we were to meet to head home.....BUMMER!!!!

We missed several areas of the museum as we were trying to get though the whole building in about an hour, If you decide to come,..I hope you have more time it could certainly be an all day adventure. 

On our way back home...I had to catch a shot of this U-Hall truck spinning atop this building.