Monday, September 28, 2015

Syracuse Sky Chiefs

Syracuse, NY
July 16th 2015

One of the credit unions affiliated with my current agency invited us to a baseball game. Free admission, free dinner and free fun...Three of my most favorite things FREE, FREE, FREE!!!

We found some seats and enjoyed the game.

Stacey and her family were with us.
Marquita and her family were also with us. Tracey came too, but she and her family stayed in the upper box with her family.
It  was super fun to spend time with all of my co-workers and their families while enjoying the great American past time of baseball.

Its a bridal shower, a bachlorette party and a wedding,

Happy wedding days!
July/August 2015

Sandy's big DAY (s)!!!! Sandy getting married! Sandy got married and I got to be a part of all this LOVE!!! (Warning...there are several pictures in this post and not many words.)

The Bachlorette Party!!!

First was Sandy's bridal shower!!!
She got this beautiful painting...
tons of friends and family shared in her joy.
a beautiful hair do!
a few shower games and some wine

Now time for presents!

Great fun...and what an AMAZING hat!!!
Up next for fun was the Bachlorette Wine tour!!!!
Danni looking like she is ready for some fun. I got all of us tiaras for the fun!!!

Once the van arrived we were all set to have some fun!!!
And we are off!

Up first was Three Brother!!! Best and most FUN wine tour stop on the Finger Lakes wine trail....and they have SLUSHIES!!!!

Kate, Ryan and I headed up the pack and got in quick with our samples!!!
here comes the bride and the rest of the crew!!!

Great picture of Johnnie Lynn

Exactly what we need after a few sips of wine...

Which way next???? 

Maybe I could finish off this barrel in a year....maybe

Down the bog trail to Bagg Dare....I just love this motif!!!
Some of the wine names are so much fun.."Skirt Lifter", "Well Hung", "Poor limp Richard."."Bone Dancer", and "69 ways to have fun".

Lots of Thumbs up for Bagg Dare!!! but we unanimously agreed no matter how good the wine tasted, none of us wanted a Poor Limp Richard!!!

A quick bite to eat..better make sure our tummys are prepared..

Do you think Ryan likes this Beer at War Horse???? I'm guessing NO!!!
Okay....a little ROOT BEER to wash it down.
Besties! Danni and Sandy
Back on the road....
A few miles South...we hit up Rista

This 1960's style winery had some GREAT nostalgia.
and a few jokes...

Sandy cannot hide her emotions. She is utterly content!

This bench is SO SANDY!!!
Party's over and were back!
Up next is the BIG DAY!!! Congrats to Sandy and Jeremiah.

Butterfly's and Superheros. GREAT themes.

I love this idea, Thumbprints from all the guests.

With more guests,


Two very handsome men; Mary's Hubby Brain and my hunk Mark. And the ceremony begins with Liberty; Sandy's daughter as the flower girl. 

Super cute!
and Danni...

Finally The BRIDE and her Son Justice.

She is so happy!

Still HAPPY!
Kiss the bride!!!
Some of the guests and friends.

Kate and Terri

Mark. me (with my eyes closed) Sandy, Jer and Mary

Lorraine and her SO


Lara and her husband

Cat and her Hubby

Ryan and her hubby.
The first dance as a married couple.

Desert was amazing!!!
Libby shows one of the balloon animals.

The pathway to our cars.
What amazing wonderful days. I am so happy for Sandy!!!